Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 226 - November 13th

Slumber Party day! Wow!! So many girls! So loud! Lots of giggling! And surprising to me, lots of talk about boogers, intestines, and toilets. I'm so happy! Ginger is normal! All girls this age talk about snot and toots!! The girls had a blast! Cooking their own dinner over the fire was a hit! We played games like Chubby Bunny (you read how to play that here) and Sleeping Beauty. Which turned into one girl "sleeping" on the floor while the others talked to her to try and get her to laugh. They weren't allowed to touch her. I had no idea that game was going to get so loud. They even coerced Russell into being Sleeping Beauty. Then we quieted down and made a craft project before turning on the Hannah Montana movie to sleep too. We made fleece blankets that we tied all around the edges, the girls loved it and they turned out really cute too! I thought that they would drift off to sleep during the movie, not so lucky on that one. I passed out before they did. Every time I thought they must be asleep, I would hear giggling. Too cute! It was a great party!

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