Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 180 - September 28th

Oh how I love my days at home in this cool weather. Yet another piece of evidence that I am God's favorite. There is nothing better than opening the windows, turning on the attic fan, crankin' up the tunes, and working hard on laundry and cleaning. And there is nothing more relaxing that opening up the windows, turning on the attic fan, curling up on the couch next to an open window, and taking a long morning nap...which is what I may or may have not done today.
Chuck came over tonight for chicken quesadillas and Big Bang night! It was a really quiet evening, probably because I was still feeling the peacefulness from the nap I may or may not have had curled up on the couch under the widow. Ging and I had a good time remodeling our restaurants on Facebook and Russ perfecting is unending project of the perfect media system. Ging went to bed and I still felt rested and relaxed so I put away more laundry during the count down of the new Big Bang episode. When the music started all three of assumed our position on the couch directly in front of the TV for optimum viewing pleasure. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with the show tonight. Meh. (I hate that new word, but there it is, it fits here) I worked on some portraits of a beautiful little model that I shot on Friday while the boys worked for about 3 hours straight trying to crack codes on a book that Chuck just read. Help me out Chuck, what was the name of the book? I can't remember it now. I need another nap like the one that I may or may not have had this morning.

Day 179 - September 27th

I had to leave the Scrapbook weekend a little early today to take Ginger swimming with her dad and Grandma Kathi! Ginger was so excited to get to swim at a hotel today. I loved it too because I got to do a little shopping at Michael's while she was swimming....(Russ, if you're reading this, I'm going through a tunnel and can't hear you. What?!? What??!) I got hooked on making what started out as cards and turned into little mini books. It took just about 2 days to make the first one because of all the trails and errors, and I wanted it to be perfect. It's a Halloween card/book for Russ!! I can't post the pictures on here of it opened up. I will though after I give it to him.

(What Russ??!?! You'll probably have trouble hearing this next part, I'm driving through a waterfall) I bought some paper and a few more supplies that I'm really sure I needed and continued making these little card books. They have no reason or theme. I'm sure I'll use them someday, I just love making them. They are fun and therapeutic to craft up. It's fun and messy, but that's exactly what I am. Fun and Messy. These are just a few of the card books I made today after Ginger went to bed, because I didn't want the scrapbook weekend to end.

Day 178 - September 26th

SCRAPBOOK WEEKEND!!! Friday - Sunday at Joy's house with some great friends to scrapbook all weekend long! I love these weekends. Basically in my pajamas all weekend, chattin' and laughin' with some great friends and family. Ginger is usually running around playing, playing on the computer, or scrapbooking himself. Russ comes too and usually ends up gaming with the guys. It's such a nice weekends when we get to do this. Joy lives far enough away that we have to pack bags and stay gone all weekend. But close enough to town that if there is an embellishment emergency or adhesive shortage, we can run to town pretty quick.

This is Saturday night. Most of the girls in the scrapbook room, the boys gaming on each of their computers, and Ginger and Aubrianna playing their games on their computer. Such a peaceful night. It's kinda funny now that I see the pictures. Notice how the girls have all their tables facing each other. And the boys??? Away from each other facing the wall.

Day 177 - September 25th

I got Ginger out of school early today for a trip to the eye doctor. If you'll remember about two months ago I took Ginger to get her eyes checked because she was squinting more and more. The doctor said she was a bit near-sighted, but it's not bad enough to do anything about yet. But now that school has started, Ginger has been complaining about not being able to see the board and she even asked to borrow my glasses to read the tags at Incredible Pizza last week. The school nurse checked Ginger out and said that I should probably take her back to the eye doctor. So here we are at the eye doctor having Ginger's eyes checked again. The doctor said that her eyes were the same as when she checked them a couple of months ago. However, she said that 3rd grade is when a lot of kids start needing glasses because of all the reading they start doing. She said Ginger would probably benefit from wearing glasses at school to read the board so her eyes don't get so tired by the end of the day.

So Ginger is getting glasses. It took a long time to pick out just the right ones. And she seemed to know exactly what her type of look is. She doesn't like the circle glasses, the rectangle glasses, or the short oval glasses. So what's left? I'm not sure, but I think she found them. She tried and compared for the longest time and finally decided on the glasses in this third picture, but in candy-apple red! She'll get them in about 2 weeks. She's excited because several of her friends have glasses and she thinks they're cute. She even said she looked like a 4th grader when she wears glasses. That's all that matters right?

Day 176 - September 24th

Our offices are just around the corner from Floral Haven Funeral Home and Graveyards. It's not uncommon to be stopped by a funeral procession about every week. Some times it seems some weeks there are more than others. I'm so glad they use cops to stop traffic for these processions. It made me stop in the middle of my busy day and thank God I'm alive, that my family is alive, and that we are healthy. I looked at all the faces in those cars, and they were grieving. Rightfully so. We always pray when we see an accident or an emergency vehicle speed by. But now, we also pray for the families and friends involved when we see a funeral procession. Everyone needs an extra little prayer said for them on days like these. Slow down and stop. Be thankful that you're not in that line. Say a prayer, so that someday when you are in that line and you get to pass all those that have stopped, you can think, "Maybe they're praying for me."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 175 - September 23

Hump Day! Middle of the week! Where the week turns from "beginning of the week" to the top of the "Mid Week" hill over to the "End of the week"! Love it!! Today I finally caught a phenomenon on video. I've tried explaining it to Russ but it just sounds impossible, with the little crayon-like terms I like to use. (If crayon-types could be a way of speaking) Here's what happens...

I like COLD water, in fact I won't drink any water unless it's freezing cold. I love to put my water bottle in the freezer just long enough for it to turn slushy or freeze just enough so I can squeeze the bottle and the frozen parts turn into ice cube like particles. A funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago that I thought was just a fluke. Then it happened again last week. So I tried it once more to see if I could get it on video. I put the unopened water bottle on it's side in the freezer door for 2 1/2 hours. When I open the door it looks like I had just put the bottle in. No frozen water, not even condensation. When I pick up the bottle. A cloud moves quickly from the top and floats through the bottle to the bottom. And it becomes instant slushy. See...hard to imagine or believe unless you see it. I've hopefully successfully attached the video for you to see and the picture afterwards of the the slushy water when I open it. Anyone know how it does this? I'd like to know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 174 - September 22nd

Another gloomy start to what looked like another rainy day. But wait!! What is that? In the sky! It's a huge ball of fire and burning through the clouds! And just as Oklahomans run outsideto look at tornadoes, it seems our whole neighborhood was out looking at the huge ball of gasous fire! Including me and Ging! We put our walking shoes on and headed down the street to what turned out to be a nice walk/scooter ride in glorious weather! I am so God's favorite! Everything was enjoying the sun! Me and Ginger, a lot of our neighbors, the trees, the leaves, the weeds that have an unending drinks for two weeks. It was beautiful! Everything turned from the grayish tones to very vibrant colors and they stood so tall and proud to welcome the sun! Even the mushrooms that seem to flourish in the rain stood tall and welcomed the sunbeams. Ginger was impressed with some seed pods we found and that we could see the seeds when you hold them up to the sun. But then quickly decided to race imaginary friends on her scooter. She won 1st place twice, and 2nd place once.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 173 - September 21st

Hey guess what? It rained today! It was a huge storm on top of all the regular rain we've been getting for the past 7,345 1/2 days. I love it! I watched the radar all morning in between laundry and running my Facebook restaurant.

Cliff, my father-in-law came over to borrow the truck, he traded us for their Tahoe. I told him I would protect it with my life if hail came, even if that meant throwing Russell's body on top of it. The rain came, the hail came, and I was safe and sound down the street being the wonderful daughter-in-law that I am, and protected their car from the elements.

I turned off the engine, listened to the weather on the radio, and followed the storm radar on my iPhone. I love following storms, they are fascinating! (So different from when I was completely terrified of them when I was a kid). This was a HUGE storm and kept coming and coming and pounding down rain and bits of hail. I sat and continued listening to the radio and took pictures of the storm and people looking for vacant openings in the car wash. When the storm started to lighten up, I went to turn the key. Bet you can guess by now...dead. I sat for a minute thinking this is going to give someone a laugh at Russ' work when I have to call him. Dead again. Still dead. Ain't no way, no how this is going to start. I called Russ, I have now been at the car wash for 1 1/2 hours. (SO GLAD I went to the bathroom before leaving). He said he can't leave work now, he's in a meeting and the jumper cables are at the house in Tulsa, and it's still pouring rain. I sat for 45 more minutes, playing on the dying iPhone and taking pictures of cars and firetrucks zooming by in the downpour. Then my night and shining armor showed up with borrowed jumper cables, and he jumped the car in the pouring rain. Of course the nose to nose/battery to battery position it had to be in put him in the rain. He got it started and drove it home. I hopped in my own car...Awwwwww....Steff-Awn!! Headed to Sonic for a drink. After that, a girl just needs a drink. Then headed to Walmart to get something for dinner. It wasn't long after seeing the shopping carts and corrals all over the parking lot that I decided pizza would be good for dinner. The final decision maker was that Walmart was actually closed because the power went out.

Such a different POTD then what I had imagined. Big Bang was on tonight for the Season Premier!! We've waited all summer for this! Chuck, Mom, Russ and I all huddled up and quiet not to miss a moment! It was a perfect ending to a very wet day.

Day 172 - September 20th

Church day, lunch day with Mom and Chuck at the new Shilo's...meh...I don't see us going back there anytime soon, and Ginger gets to visit her dad day! Pretty easy going day. Then after all of that it still wasn't raining!! So I had to quickly rush over and get the other house mowed, because guess what? Rain was in the forecast! It wasn't as bad as the other house, which really surprised me, it usually it is. The mower only died once. It still took a couple of hours, but it was fun. I must really be silly...I love mowing and I love the rain. The more rain the better (as long as it doesn't flood and no one gets hurt, and that is starting to change around Tulsa). And I could mow every day! I love it! And no, I won't mow your lawn. Well...maybe if you have your own mower and it's been serviced and filled with gas, then sure, I might come mow your lawn.

That evening, after an awesome shower at the Tulsa house. (That shower is AWESOME!! It's got such great water pressure!) I came back home to a sleeping kid and a hungry husband. Off to Bueno he went and I settled my sore body down on the couch to check on my new addiction. A few weeks ago on my blog I said I was addicted to the Roller Coaster/Amusement Park game on Facebook. I've since quit that management position at the Amusement Park and have opened a restaurant! It's my new addiction. It's cute, they even really sit on the potty. I need to install another sink though, because if someone is using the sink, they don't wash their hands.

Day 171 - September 19th

RAIN! RAIN! AND MORE RAIN! It doesn't matter though when I have to tackle the Amazon Jungle that is growing in our yard. It stopped raining for a few hours and I stumbled and pushed and fought through 2 1/2 hours of mowing our tiny yard that was full of weeds that were so thick and soaking wet. The ground was still mushy and muddy. But as much as the mower died and got stuck, I made it through. Now I have clumps of wet grass everywhere, but it's mowed and ready to receive the next go around of storms. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow too so I can mow the other house, which I'm sure will be just as fun.
No wonder critters love my yard! All sorts of things seems to wander onto our property and I just let them make a lovely little home for themselves, especially the bunnies. Some were not too happy with the mowing, but that trumps any critter's home. Still plenty of overgrown bushes for the bunnies. Take a look at this earthworm!! This is why we have so many birds hanging around our place. It was huge and nasty and fascinating! And he was not too happy with me because I had to keep scooting him over to get a good shot of him. He wanted back in the ground pronto!

Day 170 - September 18th

I love being a Mommy!! Ginger didn't have school today and Russ took a 1/2 day off! We went to see Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs!! This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. The movie was great! I loved it and I can't wait to see it again and again and again! We saw it in 3D and Ginger just about jumped out of her chair when a buss quickly ran over us! It was the funniest thing ever! We all laughed and kept laughing through the whole thing. Russ still thinks that 3D is a myth. Poor guy had to wear the glasses so the movie screen wasn't blurry, but it just looked like a normal 2D movie to him. The things we two-eyed people take for granted. At least they aren't the red and blue glasses like when I was a kid. Now it's just polarized or some kind of nerdy explanation that I don't understand. Russ got to see the movie with the 3D glasses and had a great time laughing at me and Ging when we were trying to catch the noodles falling from the sky!

Tonight we also went to Incredible Pizza for Lauryn's 10th birthday! That was fun! Although, I am officially for certain that Incredible Pizza and Sinus headaches are not a good mix. The kids had a great time and I think the adults did too! All the kids got unlimited play cards for a whole hour! That resulted in Ginger getting 642 tickets. She got a really nice mug (nice meaning, not the usual junk that is usually passed over by even $1 stores) and then she got two little toys that were probably passed over by a dollar store. But she did save 7 tickets to go in to the pot at home. She's saving up for a lava lamp.

Day 169 - September 17th

Bunko night! But not just a regular Bunko night! Our Bunko group went to a Bunko Fund Raiser for the MEND group. (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death). There were probably about 100 people there playing Bunko! It was so much fun! And our very own Bunko Gals were in charge of it! Way to go Erika and Lauryn! It was perfect! And from the looks of it, very successful!!

Our group had matching corsage flowers that Valerie made! Props to Val!! They were so cute! Our Bunko group has been rolling since 2002!! Well, that's when I joined anyway and I'm the oldest member. Not the OLDEST member, but the one that's been in the group the longest.

Shelley won a wooden wishing well in a raffle just because she was trying to be snotty and go up against me. She's a doll and gave it to me anyway! I traded her my loser prize. Yep, out of 100 people, I was the worst one. But that's good in Bunko terms! Mediocre is not where you want to land. Tiff won a precious little doll that Valerie donated and put in the raffle to raise money for MEND. It was a good time, with lots of laughs, new friends, lots of food, and lots of squealing "BUNKO!!!!"

Day 168 - September 16th

Class night and more rain. It's been raining so much lately! Everywhere around me people are complaining about the rain and the gloomy weather. I personally love it! I love the rain! I love the smells! I love the cool winds and the sounds of rain!

We broke up into groups at class tonight and went over a business plan to decide if we, as bankers, would approve a loan to some women who wanted tons of money to open a day care. Our group did not approve the loan! Big fat NO! N to the O, NO! They obviously didn't do any market research and they were planning on not making any money, not growing, being sued, and shut down by DHS if they weren't already bankrupt.

What did this teach me? I need to do market research.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 167 - September 15th

Back to work! My weekends are now longer than my work-weeks, but theres something about getting up early and being presentable at an early hour that makes it seem longer. I finished an on-going project of mine at work. Called...organizational filing! I've been at the desk for nearly 2 years and have never had an organized filing system. Sure, I knew where everything was, but now that I'm not here on Mondays and Fridays, it got me thinking, no one would figure out what was normal in my head and find something if they needed it. Here is one of my "before" drawers, which you will notice is full of Ginger's toys and treasures to keep her busy on days she's here. Then there's the "after" picture, which any caveman could figure out. I'm proud of my files. Now I have to retrain my brain though.

Day 166 - September 14th

Grandma Parrish had a heart attack yesterday. She's fine and she won't be in the hospital very long, but it still scared everyone I think. Grandpa Parrish moved home to Heaven this past March, and that is still too fresh on everyone's mind. But Grandma did everything just perfect! She was driving and felt like she was going to pass out, she said it was like she was really sleepy. She slapped her face and pulled over and she said it felt like a 2x4 going through her chest. She found some aspirin and called her daughter, Renee. They got her to the hospital in time to put in a splint. We saw her a few hours later and she was laughing and telling her stories. She scared everyone, but she's going to be just fine.

Grandma Parrish is in ICU so Ginger wasn't allowed to go, you have to be 14. Mom kept her until we got back. Then Ginger ran right towards Russ and instead of giving him the huge hug that nearly knocks him down, she climbed straight up like a little monkey and got on his shoulders. Those two really love each other and have the greatest time together. They had a quick game of Connect 4 before bed. I don't know who won that game, all I heard was laughing....rather, that flirty little giggle. It makes me so happy! It's just one of those moments when you realize that you've done what God wanted you to do. Harmony.

Day 165 - September 13th

Sunday! A bad day on the RA flare up, but getting better! Ginger and I went to Burger King today to visit her dad. Russ helped my Mom fix her kitchen sink. He's a master of all trades! I love that man so much! And not just because he can fix anything from a leaky faucet to building a wall to fixing just about anything on a car! WOW!! Ok...that was a bunny trail, happens a lot when I think and talk about my man!

While at Burger King with Ginger and her dad, a huge flock of birds landed on the grass beside the building. Ginger was amazed by it and kept mentioning it to her dad. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of it so she could remember it. There were so many birds! Someone must have sprinkled french fry seeds out there, they just kept coming and coming. And then all at once, they all took off and didn't come back. Snack time was over.

Day 164 - September 12th

Today was a relaxing day, and boy do I need that. I'm fighting a flare up, on the RA side this time. I need to relax, stay cool, and keep Benadryl in my system. It hasn't been this bad in two and 1/2 years, and it's mainly stress induced. Hmmmm....two and 1/2 years ago...Hmmmm??? And then again now???? Hmmmmm???? That will probably make no sense to most of you, but they are tied together.

Anyway, we worked a few hours on the other house and then we all headed over to Best Buy. Apparently they were having a great sale and apparently we needed to check it out. All I can say is, Russell owes me a couple of hours in Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Ginger was fascinated too with the big TVs. She loved watching the dozens of TVs lined up on the wall on the same channel. Then she spent several minutes trying to find the speakers on these big things. She said she found the speakers on one of the TVs. I'm not sure where she found them at, because the one she's looking at is only 1 1/4 inch thick! Really?!?! Is this all necessary? Apparently it is.

Day 163 - September 11th

My mind went to many memories today as I'm sure lots of other Americans did too. It has been eight years since the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and another plane that didn't make it to it's destination because of some very brave passengers. It's just one of those few moments you have in your life when you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing the moment it happened.

I was in the kitchen fixing my 10 month old baby girl some rice cereal for breakfast. Ginger's dad was in the living room talking with her and turned on the TV. He said there's a huge building on fire? I answered from the kitchen, Where? What happened? He didn't know yet. Everything that raced through my mind on what could have happened to catch a building on fire does not even compare to what actually happened. How could anyone conceive such an idea as to crash planes into buildings? It still surprises me. Thousands of people lost their lives that day. I will never forget it. Even though I knew no one directly affected by the killings, it still affected me as an American, as a person. I pray for our country often, but today I pray just a little bit more and for different reasons.

My POTD is a quick snap-shot of a sign I see every time I go in for my Physical Therapy appointment. But today, out of the blue, I wondered to myself, " 'Commercial?' I wonder if illegal tobacco would be permitted? Marijuana maybe?"

Day 162 - September 10th

Dinner tonight was fun! Lots of chatting and giggling. But Mommy was sooooo sleepy!! I did something tonight that my mom did to me and Joy while we were growing up and I hated it!! But now as the mother, I feel I have the right to do it too. Even if Ginger hates it, she can do it to her kids when she's older. But right now, it's my turn! After dinner, I scooted my chair back from the table, stood up, and said, "I fixed dinner, now you guys get to clean up the mess." Then I walked out of the kitchen and laid on the couch. Russell is great! He hoped right up and made it fun for Ginger. In fact, it was so fun, that she continued cleaning after all the dishes were put away. She loves to clean, especially sinks. And she cleaned the kitchen so hard and got it so sparkly. It may have taken a whole bottle of soap, but it was bright shiny clean! Then the two of them decided I must have had enough time to myself and in the living room they came. And it was time to tackle Daddy with kisses! She gets "stuck" on his cheek and he can't get her off, no matter how hard he "tries" to pull her away. It's really too cute! They both love it!

Day 161 - September 9th

Another fancy lunch with Joy at her desk! I already went through her magazines the day before so I entertained Joy with fabulous stories, complete with hand gestures, and facial expressions. I have no idea what my story was about, we kind of got off course. I think I made Joy spew her drink from her nose when I made a particular face. And then...the story stopped and the cameras came out. She had me make this face over and over because she wanted it as her caller ID on her phone. But she had trouble taking the picture because she was laughing so hard at me. I think it's rude to laugh at someone that much. That's just plain 'ol mean. Then she got her camera out and took several thousand of me that way. So then of course, I decided I should take a picture myself to send to Russ to remind him of the lovely woman he married.

Day 160 - September 8th

Back to work today! Doo Dah Doo Dah!! I had a fancy shmancy lunch today with Joy. Taco Bueno at her desk. While browsing through her magazines I found some really cute ideas for home decoration and studio use. I took pictures of them and added them to the 537 pictures I have on my phone that I'm saving to remind me of these ideas later. Yeah...I wonder if I'll ever look at them again? I often take photos with my phone to remind me of stuff. Mileage, poses I can use later, art that I could paint later, places I could shoot later, ideas for decorations for holidays, baby room ideas (no, I'm not pregnant), things in stores that I know I can make cheaper (but probably never will), scrapbook page ideas, and of course POTDs. And thrown in there are tons of pictures of my beautiful girl and way handsome hubby!

The first picture is of really cute throw pillows made of potato sacks. Aren't they cute? I found this picture in Joy's Country Living magazine, May 2009, The Big Bargain Issue on pg. 41. The next picture is one I'd like to recreate in my home as a wall clock, but also work it in to a prop for photography. It's found in the same Country Living magazine on pg. 141.

Day 159 - September 7th

LABOR DAY!! Which translates into everyone else has the same Monday I already have off to make it more difficult for me to get anything done. Just kidding! It was a fun day, rather I got anything done or not. The girls woke up at 6:30am!! That's not enough sleep for me, let alone a 7 and 8 year old. I woke up I went into the living room and quickly had to get my camera. My POTD before 8am! That's got to be a record!! Ginger and Lexie were doing Yoga! It was way too cute! These two played and played until Shawna came to pick Lexie up. Then it was an early night for Ginger, back to school tomorrow and she was exhausted!

Chuck came over for the usual whatever-it-is-that-we-usually-do-on-Monday-nights night. I sent Russ to Braum's earlier for some milk and he accidentally brought Peppermint Ice Cream back. Hmmmm?? Chuck had never had it before! We get so excited about these "firsts" with Chuck! He said he would try it because he likes ice cream and he likes peppermint. The first picture is Chuck fixing his new hair style to be all purdy for the pictures of his "first"...Blue Steel Style of course. The next picture is the first taste! The last picture is, "It's mine, gimmie more and I'm not sharing!"