Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 159 - September 7th

LABOR DAY!! Which translates into everyone else has the same Monday I already have off to make it more difficult for me to get anything done. Just kidding! It was a fun day, rather I got anything done or not. The girls woke up at 6:30am!! That's not enough sleep for me, let alone a 7 and 8 year old. I woke up I went into the living room and quickly had to get my camera. My POTD before 8am! That's got to be a record!! Ginger and Lexie were doing Yoga! It was way too cute! These two played and played until Shawna came to pick Lexie up. Then it was an early night for Ginger, back to school tomorrow and she was exhausted!

Chuck came over for the usual whatever-it-is-that-we-usually-do-on-Monday-nights night. I sent Russ to Braum's earlier for some milk and he accidentally brought Peppermint Ice Cream back. Hmmmm?? Chuck had never had it before! We get so excited about these "firsts" with Chuck! He said he would try it because he likes ice cream and he likes peppermint. The first picture is Chuck fixing his new hair style to be all purdy for the pictures of his "first"...Blue Steel Style of course. The next picture is the first taste! The last picture is, "It's mine, gimmie more and I'm not sharing!"

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