Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 171 - September 19th

RAIN! RAIN! AND MORE RAIN! It doesn't matter though when I have to tackle the Amazon Jungle that is growing in our yard. It stopped raining for a few hours and I stumbled and pushed and fought through 2 1/2 hours of mowing our tiny yard that was full of weeds that were so thick and soaking wet. The ground was still mushy and muddy. But as much as the mower died and got stuck, I made it through. Now I have clumps of wet grass everywhere, but it's mowed and ready to receive the next go around of storms. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow too so I can mow the other house, which I'm sure will be just as fun.
No wonder critters love my yard! All sorts of things seems to wander onto our property and I just let them make a lovely little home for themselves, especially the bunnies. Some were not too happy with the mowing, but that trumps any critter's home. Still plenty of overgrown bushes for the bunnies. Take a look at this earthworm!! This is why we have so many birds hanging around our place. It was huge and nasty and fascinating! And he was not too happy with me because I had to keep scooting him over to get a good shot of him. He wanted back in the ground pronto!

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