Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 176 - September 24th

Our offices are just around the corner from Floral Haven Funeral Home and Graveyards. It's not uncommon to be stopped by a funeral procession about every week. Some times it seems some weeks there are more than others. I'm so glad they use cops to stop traffic for these processions. It made me stop in the middle of my busy day and thank God I'm alive, that my family is alive, and that we are healthy. I looked at all the faces in those cars, and they were grieving. Rightfully so. We always pray when we see an accident or an emergency vehicle speed by. But now, we also pray for the families and friends involved when we see a funeral procession. Everyone needs an extra little prayer said for them on days like these. Slow down and stop. Be thankful that you're not in that line. Say a prayer, so that someday when you are in that line and you get to pass all those that have stopped, you can think, "Maybe they're praying for me."

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