Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 179 - September 27th

I had to leave the Scrapbook weekend a little early today to take Ginger swimming with her dad and Grandma Kathi! Ginger was so excited to get to swim at a hotel today. I loved it too because I got to do a little shopping at Michael's while she was swimming....(Russ, if you're reading this, I'm going through a tunnel and can't hear you. What?!? What??!) I got hooked on making what started out as cards and turned into little mini books. It took just about 2 days to make the first one because of all the trails and errors, and I wanted it to be perfect. It's a Halloween card/book for Russ!! I can't post the pictures on here of it opened up. I will though after I give it to him.

(What Russ??!?! You'll probably have trouble hearing this next part, I'm driving through a waterfall) I bought some paper and a few more supplies that I'm really sure I needed and continued making these little card books. They have no reason or theme. I'm sure I'll use them someday, I just love making them. They are fun and therapeutic to craft up. It's fun and messy, but that's exactly what I am. Fun and Messy. These are just a few of the card books I made today after Ginger went to bed, because I didn't want the scrapbook weekend to end.

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