Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 153 - September 1st

YAY!! September is here! Although I find it completely impossible for it to be so, I sure am glad that it is. I love September - November! My most favorite time of the year! I love to write the word "September", it's one of my most favorite words to write. I also take a moment to admire the words that I hand-write when the lower-case "R" turns out just perfect. I can't do it on purpose, but when it's accidentally on purpose, it's beautiful and I just have to look at it and wish I could write it like that all the time. Desi is really good at her lower-case "R"s. I admire her for that. Just a silly random fact about me.

On my way home I noticed something beautiful!! A CVS pharmacy! Wow! I must be getting old if a pharmacy is my excitement of the day. I am a couponer. I love to save money and I always envy my online coupon friends that gloat about their savings at CVS. I want to gloat too, I want to be a success story, I just want to save a lot of money too. I heard that one opened up where the Beinigans used to be in Tulsa, but I haven't been over there yet to see if it's open yet. But now...here it is...and only 2 miles from my house!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH (that's an angelic chorus singing)

I pass this stretch of road everyday and I've watched this hospital from the moment they tore down the old house I had always fantasized about going through to this point where they've just about finished the outside. They are quick at building things around here. There's new buildings and houses going up everywhere. Tulsa is a good place to be. Well...Broken Arrow at least is.

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