Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 174 - September 22nd

Another gloomy start to what looked like another rainy day. But wait!! What is that? In the sky! It's a huge ball of fire and burning through the clouds! And just as Oklahomans run outsideto look at tornadoes, it seems our whole neighborhood was out looking at the huge ball of gasous fire! Including me and Ging! We put our walking shoes on and headed down the street to what turned out to be a nice walk/scooter ride in glorious weather! I am so God's favorite! Everything was enjoying the sun! Me and Ginger, a lot of our neighbors, the trees, the leaves, the weeds that have an unending drinks for two weeks. It was beautiful! Everything turned from the grayish tones to very vibrant colors and they stood so tall and proud to welcome the sun! Even the mushrooms that seem to flourish in the rain stood tall and welcomed the sunbeams. Ginger was impressed with some seed pods we found and that we could see the seeds when you hold them up to the sun. But then quickly decided to race imaginary friends on her scooter. She won 1st place twice, and 2nd place once.

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