Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 172 - September 20th

Church day, lunch day with Mom and Chuck at the new Shilo's...meh...I don't see us going back there anytime soon, and Ginger gets to visit her dad day! Pretty easy going day. Then after all of that it still wasn't raining!! So I had to quickly rush over and get the other house mowed, because guess what? Rain was in the forecast! It wasn't as bad as the other house, which really surprised me, it usually it is. The mower only died once. It still took a couple of hours, but it was fun. I must really be silly...I love mowing and I love the rain. The more rain the better (as long as it doesn't flood and no one gets hurt, and that is starting to change around Tulsa). And I could mow every day! I love it! And no, I won't mow your lawn. Well...maybe if you have your own mower and it's been serviced and filled with gas, then sure, I might come mow your lawn.

That evening, after an awesome shower at the Tulsa house. (That shower is AWESOME!! It's got such great water pressure!) I came back home to a sleeping kid and a hungry husband. Off to Bueno he went and I settled my sore body down on the couch to check on my new addiction. A few weeks ago on my blog I said I was addicted to the Roller Coaster/Amusement Park game on Facebook. I've since quit that management position at the Amusement Park and have opened a restaurant! It's my new addiction. It's cute, they even really sit on the potty. I need to install another sink though, because if someone is using the sink, they don't wash their hands.

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