Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 147 - August 26th

Ging and I did a little Geocaching today after school before picking up Daddy. It's the first one we've found with goodies in side of it. It wasn't a hard find, see... It's the mailbox on the fence. Easy Peasy, but it was still fun finding the goodies. We traded a Sonic toy for a plastic slinky. Hopefully we find more goody caches soon!

Day 146 - August 25th

Russ and I have been working on non-stop fun and excitement by building my website and getting this business up and running. I'm taking that wonderful class and tonight was homework night. I'll admit it's still a bit confusing, but it's exciting and fun and I still am loving every second of it. I may look confused, but don't let that fool you into thinking that I'm really not confused, because I am. But it doesn't bother me, because I'm having fun!

Day 145 - August 24th

Fun! Fun! Fun! But that just how our family rolls. Tonight Chuck and Mom came over for your weekly whatever. It started with The Big Bang Theory...Oh, Sheldon & Leonard, come back from Antartica soon! We miss you!!... Whoa, ok back on we get together for Monday nights to watch movies or another TV show or just dinner. And what's funny is that even though it's just about every Monday night, it's still an unplanned random spur-of-the-moment. This is probably the most random tradition ever in the history of spur-of-the-moment traditions.

Anyway...The boys had a go at Ginger's new hool-a-hoop, convinced they could do it as well as they could when they were younger. This is why Mom and I love Monday nights so much, it's pure never-to-be-found-anywhere-else entertainment!! This is a picture of Chuck workin' the hool-a-hoop. And then there's Ginger schooling Chuck on the proper hool-a-hoop procedural movements. It was great usual.

Oh....and look at the pretty mushroom that has still survived the mean kids that walk to shcool and back.

Day 144 - August 23rd

What a big busy day! After church we went to Marmy & Bobby's house. It all started with Russ needing a haircut, then Boppy, then George, then Ashli, then..., then.... it's a good thing Shay's good at what she does because she did it all day long.

This first picture is of Russell getting his hair cut. happened, Shay asked if that was gray hair she was cutting, so Dad (Boppy) had to run over and take an investigative look. "Son, why do you have gray hair?" I'm pretty sure he blamed it on me.

This next picture is Shay getting elbow deep in Ashli's hair. Ashli loves pretty colors and she puts them all in her hair. Shay is amazing and makes Ashli's hair look beautiful, not like some really messed up ones I've seen out there.

Next came Aubrey. She just started the 6th grade and has finally reached the age of dying her hair with her parent's permission. A slow start off with one color, she will have to graduate to the more-than-one color of the rainbow like her Mom, Ashli. Shay turned Aubrey from a Sandy Blonde to a Chocolate Brown. I think it looks great on her.

I had a great time in the "hen-house" as Russ called it "cackling" all afternoon with the ladies and taking pictures. Ginger and Russ brought their bikes for a Sunday afternoon ride through Marymy & Boppy's neighborhood. It was a great day, lots of fun, lots of food, lots of laughs, and lots of hair on the floor.

Day 143 - August 22nd

I love big mushrooms in yards. Some people find them a nuisance, but not me. I gaze at them longingly and wonder if they are as poison as my mom made them out to be. Like I'd be tempted to eat a mushroom!! HA!! But still, I'm scared to touch those silly things, a mushroom might grow under my fingernail or out my ears. I blame my huge dislike of mushrooms because of these large yard mushrooms. If these are so full of poison, then how can I trust them on my plate? Does the plate somehow cleanse the mushrooms of all poisons? Sure, I know, I know...they are a different kind of mushroom. But I'd rather not take my chances.

But now I remember that I better never say never. I remember being on a first date with this guy who LOVES mushrooms. It was disgusting. I politely refused the soft grayish matter covered in grayish-matter sauce, while sweating profusely with nerves and trying to look adorable while at the same time tyring not to gag at the fungus he offered me. But happened...I caved. I want this boy to like me. I tried a teeny tiny mushroom on huge scoop of pasta. And guess what? It didn't kill me. I didn't even throw up! I actually quite enjoyed the adultness that came with eating a vegetable in a pasta. I will still not purposely order mushrooms, but now I can proudly say that I will not purposely pull off all the mushrooms off my plate if they come with my order. And if there is one hiding in my bite I'm about to take, I won't try and pull it out with my finger (unless it's just right there on the edge of the fork and can be flicked off easily). I'm all grown up now.

Oh...and for the record, mushrooms may not kill you but I'm pretty sure that tomatoes will. And...I married that mushroom guy. He's a fungi. (Fun-Guy). There I've met your cheesy reading for the day.

Day 142 - August 21st

What a fun day! Ginger was blessed with some money from Uncle Jimmy for school clothes. And she's been saving every little penny she finds for a very long time. She's a great saver, unlike her mother. I need to learn to leave all 17 of my purses at home when I go out with my mom. We could learn a thing or two from a girl who loves purses and hides money in all of them. is the day we've been waiting for! We got her money together and headed to high-end store, Wal-Mart!! I'm so glad she's into pink clothes and not what label is on the pink clothes! She picked out tons of clothes, new shoes that she of course had to test-run, and a hool-a-hoop. Then she picked up what she's been waiting for!! She could hardly stand it! It's been months and it's finally here!! It's the Hannah Montana movie!!! It's a very cute movie and I recommend it, and I've already seen it six times and still not tired of it.

Tonight we ordered pizza, watched Hannah Montana, and showed off our hool-a-hooping skills to each other. And just for the record...that is not my sport.

Day 141 - August 20th

Tonight was parent night at Ginger's school. She's a 3rd grader. I am so way too young for a 3rd grader. It's way too grown up and they are going to be learning stuff that I admit that I'll have to help on too.

So far Ginger loves it and Ms. Brown seems wonderful and a perfect fit for Ginger. We got to hear what she'll be learning this year, activities they'll be doing, projects that will need help, and to see what they've done already. One project they did was write a book about themselves. The basic kid questions...but of course, my kid answers them just a bit different.

My Name: Virginia
What I go by: Ginger
How old am I: 5 (she's 8 and after talking to her she said she was writing "8" and got distracted before she could finish and connect it all together. "Ooooooo Shiney!!" So much my kid.)
I am: Cute
Where I want to work when I grow up: Sonic (again, so my kid)
What I want to be when I grow up: Dentist (She made sure that she could work at Sonic and be a dentist at the same time)
When I'm 25 I will be: Cute

They did a science project that spoke to my child like any chocolaty project would speak to me. They made S'mores...I won't make you guess how like Ginger did with me...They wrapped them up in tinfoil and baked them in the sun. Of course August summers are usually around 110, but this day was a cool 86, which made Ms. Brown question if she would even get to make her scientific point. The kids guessed how long it would take for the chocolate to melt (Ginger guessed right!!) It took 4 minutes. It was a great project and the kids loved it! I'm going to have to remember this

Day 140 - August 19th

I started class tonight! Cousin Bruce is an awesome teacher! It's been a LONG time since I've been in a class. This is a picture of the HUGE book he's having us go through (and the awesome Livescribe Pen Russ is letting me use). And yes, the blue gift bag is a bribe...I mean, a gift. Bruce said I would do good in his class if I brought him lasagna instead of an apple. So I did. Hambuger Helper Lasagna...still in the box. He said that's not exactly what he had in mind. I told him he should be more specific next time.

Day 139 - August 18th

Another photo shoot today! Gosh I love these days!! We headed to Downtown Tulsa! I found a secret place that I'm sure no one has ever found before and I'm not telling you where it is. I'll post a picture of Josh soon to show the handsome hockey fella I shot.

Day 138 - August 17th

It's my first day at home!! I'm now officially a part-time employee!! I have gone part-time to work on ME! Ok, so to make that not so vain lemme 'splain...

I have moved to part-time employment to move further into full-time photography! I'll working on a class taught by my cousin Bruce at TCC to start businesses. I'm so excited! I'll also be working on getting in shape, getting my house in shape and in some sort of an order, and working on gettin' ready to have a baby! So many wonderful new things are happening! God still is a spoilin' me!

There is an old screen door leaning against a house in our neighborhood that I REALLY REALLY want. Russ keeps reminding me that it's wrong to steal. So today, I took a picture of it...that's as close to stealing as it'll ever get with me. I started walking today. One because I need to be in better shape to go through a pregnancy, I want to look HOT for my hubby, and for what I saw on TV this morning. A woman my age was 50 pounds heavier than me and had lost 80 pounds. When she reached the 80 pound mark (which is 30 pounds less than me for those mathematically challenged) had a heart attack. They told her if she hadn't had lost that 80 pounds, it would have killed her. I put on my walking shoes and got out the door. Lesson learned...keep walking and get better walking shoes.

When I started walking I remembered all those "heavy" people I saw walking. At first it started with, "Bless their hearts" as I drove by. Then my thoughts turned to, "Good for them". Then I started, "They are doing more than me." Now I wonder as I walk around the neighborhood I wonder what thoughts those have who pass me, "Bless her heart."

Day 137 - August 16th

My dear dear friend Tina likes to babysit me sometimes while Ginger plays with her Dad. Today Tina did a "Tinacure" on my nails. It's a fun girly time to goof off, for not a whole lot of money. Later that night Tina came over and we made a late night run to Bueno and I mentioned there was a Cache "over there". She had never Geocached before and she just couldn't resist it. I've looked for this one four times and still haven't found it. If she would have found it, it would have made a great blog story. But she didn't, and I love the picture of her searching by headlight at midnight.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 136 - August 15th

We stayed home today and it's the first Saturday we haven't worked on the Tulsa house in months. Russ had to dig in deep to the truck to fix something all mechanical and guy-like. I don't know, I just know he was nasty dirty greasy when he was done. But I oh so admire that man, there's nothing he can't do! Nana came over and we talked about what classes she could take this semester and then I went to the movies with my Mommy!! Just me and her! We saw, The Time Traveler's Wife. It was pretty good...I think. I need to see it again, but I'm pretty sure that I liked it.

On my way home after the movie I tried AGAIN to find a geocache that I haven't found in the three times already. I would give up, but I can't let it win. It's somewhere here, it has to be! I finally gave up, but not forever, and headed home. But then there was a little bug (the car type) and it was stuck on the curb, an island type curb, and it must have done some serious damage under there because all sorts of stuff was leaking out from under it. It was full of teenage girls and I'm sorry, it gave me the giggles. That was rude to laugh, but I could help it. And it is just like something I would do. Thankfully, Stefan (STEFF-AWWN) is tall enough not to get stuck.

Tonight was a relaxing night while Russ and I watched, The Race to Witch Mountain and I played on my stupid little Roller Coaster game.

Day 135 - August 14th

Friday! Friday! Friday! And I'm exhausted!! But oh so addicted to this stupid little Roller Coaster Game on Facebook. I grab my computer when I get home and put my little people to work. I even went as far as logging on to Russ' profile and setting up him a Roller Coaster park just so "he" could send me gifts to help my game. Ginger loves this game too. It has become a family time of playing together. But I'm not sure if me on Russ' profile sending gifts to my profile is considered time together. But he's on the couch next to me and Ging, but he's hooked on his own game right now, Lemonade Tycoon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 134 - August 13th

Another successful day at school for Ginger. Day 2 was just as fun as day 1, although she has to wear different shoes for PE. That was a bummer, but easily fixed. Bunko was tonight. I didn't think I was going to be able to go because of a photo shoot I had scheduled, but it was postponed till next week. So off to Beach Bash Bunko at Laurie's! What fun! Shawna went too, she is becoming quite a regular Bunko player. She and "Paisley" didn't win, but I think they had a great time. I won a traveling prize, a really cute tote bag that's pink plaid. And NO Joy, you still can't have it. I like pink too.

These are some pix from the goofy girls. Left to right, starting at the top... 1) Laurie and her "Beach Bunko Poof" and Me. 2) Tiffany and Me 3) Joy & Laurie 4) Shawna & Me in our glorious beautiness 5) Shawna & Me again 6) Shawna and her prize for not winning a prize. It's a Hawaiian fire dancer and it moves. It's all one piece, so the picture and the plastic frame really make it economical, which is priority in these times. It's awesome.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 133 - August 12th

It's the first day of school! Russ and I both took Ginger to school today, she was so stinkin' excited and couldn't wait to show all her friends her new haircut.

There's nothing like the first day of school. New haircuts, backpacks, and clothes. All the boy's brand new tennis shoes are sparkling white and actually laced up. Teacher's decorations are gleaming with pride because they were put up with such care and time. Everyone has the same look on their face. The kids excited to see whose in their class, but nervous about who could be in their class. The teachers are hugging the little ones who love to hug, the older kids try to sneak in unnoticed. The teachers are also sizing up all the parents to see if they can predict who is going to be their "trouble parents".

I had my blog totally planned out in my head all morning, I just knew I was going to write about her first day and how I was all grown-up and didn't even cry. And I didn't...the lump in my throat threatened tear-free moments, but I think I made it through just fine. Her first day of kindergarten...I cried all day. The second day, I grasped that time alone and fell in love with it!
Each year the crowds of parents at the doors of classrooms grow smaller. Mrs. Hoover in Kindergarten, actually had to shut the door on 6 parents who couldn't leave. I choose to remain silent if I was one of them. Mrs. Krueger's 1st grade class had about the same amount of parents, but she didn't have to shut the door. Mrs. Moore's 2nd grade class was easier but still a small group of parents that all left at the same time, like a support group. Now here we are on the first day of 3rd grade. Russ and I walked Ginger to her classroom, watched her put her lunchbox away, hug some friends, find her desk, and start sorting through supplies. Then we had to call her back over for our hug good-bye. For now, she's still ok with that. But it wasn't until right now when I was typing this did I realize that Russ and I were the only parents there in Mrs. Brown's door.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 132 - August 11th

I need to stop looking for something to take a picture of for my POTD. Turns out, most days I do enough each day to keep my fans entertained. ("Fan" = anyone who reads this, even if you hate it and despise that you click on it once a day to catch up on my adorable family.) I consider you fans, I should probably start a fan club. Ginger said I need to change it from Picture of the Day to Picturessssssssss of the Day. She may have a point. Let's start from this morning.

I went to pick up Ginger from Papa's house this morning and look what we found in Papa's backyard. It looks like there was a small tornado that got a little too close. We had HUGE storms last night, and things like this make me go, "Hmmmmm..." A dead tree got knocked over, no big deal, that's easy with regular Oklahoma winds. But 2 very much alive trees were ripped in two and twisted. Also, the tall grass and reeds around their pond was flattened on one side, and standing straight up on the other. I feel like a weather forensic. Is there such a thing?

Ginger is spending one last day with me at work before going back to school tomorrow. She figured out how to open my Excedrin bottle. Then I thought, "What genius' don't write the instructions on the top of the lid? These brainiacs actually had a picture on top of how to get it open." I'm sure by now that my kid could read the directions and figure it out, but any 3 year old could look at the picture and get it figured out. After taking a picture, I hid the pill bottle, she was a little too proud of herself for opening.

Then she was "bored again". So out came her engineering little mind at work. She found two little race cars from Sonic buried in my desk drawers. (In case you are ever at my office and bored, you "should" be able to entertain yourself for weeks with everything in my drawers...unless of course you are an 8 year old). she found two cars, found two big rubber bands and strapped them to the bottom of her feet. She was proud that she made "Roller Skates". She was disappointed that they didn't go as fast as real roller skates. In fact, they didn't go at all. Then somehow, it was my fault that she fell and bumped her knee. No worries, there was no blood, but a band-aid was required anyway.

After work, Ginger reminded me that she wanted to get her haircut before school started. Well, in my head now I'm counting down until this little hyper one goes to bed and the first day of school is tomorrow!! We're at T minus 2 hours. We ran to Wal-Mart and waited in line with all the other procrastinators getting their kid's head's shaved. Ging loves getting her hair cut. But she has patiently grown out her 1st grade hair cut for 2 years so she could have long braids. I reminded her of this because I wanted her decision to be well-informed before getting about 9 inches cut off. She said, "Yeah, but I did that now." So she grew it out to make long braids, and now she's done with that. But I love her new hair cut! It suits her perfectly! She looks a lot less like a baby and more like a 3rd grader. She loves it.

So that was the end of the day. Just spaghetti (she got to choose dinner), label her school supplies, and then to bed. I thought, "Wow! I have too many pictures AGAIN!" But it didn't stop there! About 9pm tonight I heard a large truck going up and down the street. Not unusual, it's a thru street. But then it stopped in front of our house and was being and banging around. Again, not unusual. It sounded like someones car was being towed, it's happened before next door...a couple of times. And across the street are some elderly wonderful people, and ambulances have come a couple of times. Of course I didn't see any red flashing lights, so I new it wasn't firetrucks blocking off our street again for a drug bust or catching crooks. Finally at about and did see some bright lights. So I put down 9:45pm we still heard the engine of the truck the Roller Coaster game (my new addiction on Facebook) and went to check it out. It was Channel 2!! They were doing a segment on the 10pm news right in front of my house!! The news really loves me! We live down the street from an elementary school and there is a school speed limit sign across the street from our house. They were reminding everyone to slow down and fines double in school zones. School starts tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 131 - August 10th

Today was Meet the Teacher Day at Ginger's school! Ginger was in the building less than 32 1/2 seconds until she ran into tons of friends and the hugging started. Russ and I loved watching all the little girls group together and figure out who was in whose class. Ginger has several of her best friends in her class this year. It's going to be a great year! Poor Mrs. Brown, she's going to have her hands full with that group of girls. They are all great girls with excellent manners, they won't be any trouble. I do suspect they will be working on their "Social Skills" as much as they were last year though. This is a picture of Ginger and Elizabeth who were so excited to see each other and jumped up and down when they learned they were in the same class. This is also a picture of Ginger with Mrs. Brown, in her seat that she got to pick out.

As we all walked down the hall, all the teachers hugged on Ginger and commented on how much she's grown. I think this kid runs the school, she knows everyone in it. Of course, it helps that Grandma (Baga) works there too. We're looking forward to 3rd grade! I'm not sure if I'm ready for my baby girl to be in 3rd grade, she's growing incredibly too fast! I am way too young for a kid this old. She's an awesome kid and she's going to be a great 3rd grader!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 130 - August 9th

After church and meeting Ginger's dad for lunch, guess what we did? Yep! We went and worked on the Tulsa house. Not for long though, we actually ran out of mud. We used up that whole huge bucket of mud...that I oh so just wanted to stick my whole arm in to. You know how sometimes you feel like you just want to stick both arms in a huge barrel of butterscotch pudding up to your chest just to feel what it feels like? Totally natural right?

All of us worked on mudding again, including Nana. She drove all the way from Bartlesville again to help us. You totally rock Nana! Before we headed to the house, Tina came and sat with me at Burger King, we actually ended up painting our nails and she put cute little flowers and gem stones on our nails. I'm sure the were real diamonds. After that I suckered Tina into coming over to the Tulsa house and mudding. HAHAHA!! Actually, Tina is awesome helper and is always willing to lend a hand to where one is needed. She's awesome.

After working on the T-town house and some grocery shopping I made some yummy spaghetti with turkey meat in the sauce and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner while watching iFight with Shelby Marx. Yeah, the second time we've seen the iCarly movie, but Chuck was totally in to it and wanted to watch it. So yes, Chuck was over for dinner and we enjoyed iCarly. After a bit, Ginger went to bed and Tina headed back over for some serious fun! We ran and got the new Wii game, Wii Sports Resort with the NEW Motion Sensor PLUS thingy...or something like that. It picks up your movements really well and it much more accurate, that was until someone started loosing, then for some reason, something has got to be wrong with it.
We were up way too late playing those silly games, but they are quite a work out and a little more than addicting! You absolutely look ridiculous while in dual or racing in a canoe, but it gives everyone else the much needed stress-relief of laughter!