Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 141 - August 20th

Tonight was parent night at Ginger's school. She's a 3rd grader. I am so way too young for a 3rd grader. It's way too grown up and they are going to be learning stuff that I admit that I'll have to help on too.

So far Ginger loves it and Ms. Brown seems wonderful and a perfect fit for Ginger. We got to hear what she'll be learning this year, activities they'll be doing, projects that will need help, and to see what they've done already. One project they did was write a book about themselves. The basic kid questions...but of course, my kid answers them just a bit different.

My Name: Virginia
What I go by: Ginger
How old am I: 5 (she's 8 and after talking to her she said she was writing "8" and got distracted before she could finish and connect it all together. "Ooooooo Shiney!!" So much my kid.)
I am: Cute
Where I want to work when I grow up: Sonic (again, so my kid)
What I want to be when I grow up: Dentist (She made sure that she could work at Sonic and be a dentist at the same time)
When I'm 25 I will be: Cute

They did a science project that spoke to my child like any chocolaty project would speak to me. They made S'mores...I won't make you guess how like Ginger did with me...They wrapped them up in tinfoil and baked them in the sun. Of course August summers are usually around 110, but this day was a cool 86, which made Ms. Brown question if she would even get to make her scientific point. The kids guessed how long it would take for the chocolate to melt (Ginger guessed right!!) It took 4 minutes. It was a great project and the kids loved it! I'm going to have to remember this

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