Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 126 - August 5th

I thought today was going to be a day of searching for my POTD. You know, jumping out of bed tonight and taking a picture of some random object in my living room when I remembered that I forgot (Is that an oxymoron?). Or better yet, staying in bed and entertaining you with more pictures of us in the dark.

But nope...turned out I ended up with many photos to choose from. Let's start with at the beginning of what I thought was going to be a "normal" day. Channel 2 Works for You came over this morning. My Mother-in-Law (Nana) was interviewed because of some hoop-la craziness that TCC is putting her and several others through. It's a mess and hopefully Channel 2 will help them all get what they were promised. Something came up at the last minute and we had the interview moved to our living room. It was quite exciting to have an exciting event to take a picture of! Elaine did great! Way better than I would have done being interviewed. I was totally impressed, and she looked beautiful!

After the interview, we had lunch at Backyard's 99 cent day! We were just talking in line about how much places charge for drinks. We were reminiscing about the fabulous drinks at QuikTrip for 49 cents and how Summer is officially over because that deal is gone now. I know, it was a shocker for me too...take a moment to gasp and wipe away tears. It took awhile for me to let it sink in too, I'm still in denial. But I refuse to go to QuikTrip in fear of the welcoming 49 cent sign that has been expired and will no longer greet me.
Ok...getting back on track now... The Backyard Burger sign. Notice what the sign says under the outrageously priced drink prices. "Smiles Free" I wonder how long they will be free? Then guess what else? No one that worked there smiled at me. They must be out.
When I got back to work, Joy and Phyllis introduced me to Itty Bitty, Teeny Weeny, Yellow Bananas. They are so stinkin' cute! I had no idea that these little things even existed. Where have I been? But then I tasted it, I'll stick to the bigger ones.

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