Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 130 - August 9th

After church and meeting Ginger's dad for lunch, guess what we did? Yep! We went and worked on the Tulsa house. Not for long though, we actually ran out of mud. We used up that whole huge bucket of mud...that I oh so just wanted to stick my whole arm in to. You know how sometimes you feel like you just want to stick both arms in a huge barrel of butterscotch pudding up to your chest just to feel what it feels like? Totally natural right?

All of us worked on mudding again, including Nana. She drove all the way from Bartlesville again to help us. You totally rock Nana! Before we headed to the house, Tina came and sat with me at Burger King, we actually ended up painting our nails and she put cute little flowers and gem stones on our nails. I'm sure the were real diamonds. After that I suckered Tina into coming over to the Tulsa house and mudding. HAHAHA!! Actually, Tina is awesome helper and is always willing to lend a hand to where one is needed. She's awesome.

After working on the T-town house and some grocery shopping I made some yummy spaghetti with turkey meat in the sauce and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner while watching iFight with Shelby Marx. Yeah, the second time we've seen the iCarly movie, but Chuck was totally in to it and wanted to watch it. So yes, Chuck was over for dinner and we enjoyed iCarly. After a bit, Ginger went to bed and Tina headed back over for some serious fun! We ran and got the new Wii game, Wii Sports Resort with the NEW Motion Sensor PLUS thingy...or something like that. It picks up your movements really well and it much more accurate, that was until someone started loosing, then for some reason, something has got to be wrong with it.
We were up way too late playing those silly games, but they are quite a work out and a little more than addicting! You absolutely look ridiculous while in dual or racing in a canoe, but it gives everyone else the much needed stress-relief of laughter!

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