Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 134 - August 13th

Another successful day at school for Ginger. Day 2 was just as fun as day 1, although she has to wear different shoes for PE. That was a bummer, but easily fixed. Bunko was tonight. I didn't think I was going to be able to go because of a photo shoot I had scheduled, but it was postponed till next week. So off to Beach Bash Bunko at Laurie's! What fun! Shawna went too, she is becoming quite a regular Bunko player. She and "Paisley" didn't win, but I think they had a great time. I won a traveling prize, a really cute tote bag that's pink plaid. And NO Joy, you still can't have it. I like pink too.

These are some pix from the goofy girls. Left to right, starting at the top... 1) Laurie and her "Beach Bunko Poof" and Me. 2) Tiffany and Me 3) Joy & Laurie 4) Shawna & Me in our glorious beautiness 5) Shawna & Me again 6) Shawna and her prize for not winning a prize. It's a Hawaiian fire dancer and it moves. It's all one piece, so the picture and the plastic frame really make it economical, which is priority in these times. It's awesome.

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