Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 132 - August 11th

I need to stop looking for something to take a picture of for my POTD. Turns out, most days I do enough each day to keep my fans entertained. ("Fan" = anyone who reads this, even if you hate it and despise that you click on it once a day to catch up on my adorable family.) I consider you fans, I should probably start a fan club. Ginger said I need to change it from Picture of the Day to Picturessssssssss of the Day. She may have a point. Let's start from this morning.

I went to pick up Ginger from Papa's house this morning and look what we found in Papa's backyard. It looks like there was a small tornado that got a little too close. We had HUGE storms last night, and things like this make me go, "Hmmmmm..." A dead tree got knocked over, no big deal, that's easy with regular Oklahoma winds. But 2 very much alive trees were ripped in two and twisted. Also, the tall grass and reeds around their pond was flattened on one side, and standing straight up on the other. I feel like a weather forensic. Is there such a thing?

Ginger is spending one last day with me at work before going back to school tomorrow. She figured out how to open my Excedrin bottle. Then I thought, "What genius' don't write the instructions on the top of the lid? These brainiacs actually had a picture on top of how to get it open." I'm sure by now that my kid could read the directions and figure it out, but any 3 year old could look at the picture and get it figured out. After taking a picture, I hid the pill bottle, she was a little too proud of herself for opening.

Then she was "bored again". So out came her engineering little mind at work. She found two little race cars from Sonic buried in my desk drawers. (In case you are ever at my office and bored, you "should" be able to entertain yourself for weeks with everything in my drawers...unless of course you are an 8 year old). she found two cars, found two big rubber bands and strapped them to the bottom of her feet. She was proud that she made "Roller Skates". She was disappointed that they didn't go as fast as real roller skates. In fact, they didn't go at all. Then somehow, it was my fault that she fell and bumped her knee. No worries, there was no blood, but a band-aid was required anyway.

After work, Ginger reminded me that she wanted to get her haircut before school started. Well, in my head now I'm counting down until this little hyper one goes to bed and the first day of school is tomorrow!! We're at T minus 2 hours. We ran to Wal-Mart and waited in line with all the other procrastinators getting their kid's head's shaved. Ging loves getting her hair cut. But she has patiently grown out her 1st grade hair cut for 2 years so she could have long braids. I reminded her of this because I wanted her decision to be well-informed before getting about 9 inches cut off. She said, "Yeah, but I did that now." So she grew it out to make long braids, and now she's done with that. But I love her new hair cut! It suits her perfectly! She looks a lot less like a baby and more like a 3rd grader. She loves it.

So that was the end of the day. Just spaghetti (she got to choose dinner), label her school supplies, and then to bed. I thought, "Wow! I have too many pictures AGAIN!" But it didn't stop there! About 9pm tonight I heard a large truck going up and down the street. Not unusual, it's a thru street. But then it stopped in front of our house and was being and banging around. Again, not unusual. It sounded like someones car was being towed, it's happened before next door...a couple of times. And across the street are some elderly wonderful people, and ambulances have come a couple of times. Of course I didn't see any red flashing lights, so I new it wasn't firetrucks blocking off our street again for a drug bust or catching crooks. Finally at about and did see some bright lights. So I put down 9:45pm we still heard the engine of the truck the Roller Coaster game (my new addiction on Facebook) and went to check it out. It was Channel 2!! They were doing a segment on the 10pm news right in front of my house!! The news really loves me! We live down the street from an elementary school and there is a school speed limit sign across the street from our house. They were reminding everyone to slow down and fines double in school zones. School starts tomorrow!!

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