Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Day 273 - December 31st

New Year's Eve!! What a fun night! After a "fun" day working at the other house we went to our friend's house... Rick & Annica!! They had a great New Year's party with games and movies! My favorite part... kissing my love the first second of 2010!

We finished sanding the house and are ready for paint!

Day 272 - December 30th

More work on this house!! This green room can not go away quickly enough!! Note: If you're renting a house, don't trash it and don't pain disgusting colors!!

Day 271 - December 29th

So the little puppy with no name is making herself at home. She is a really sweet puppy and we love having her with us... yes, even Russell. Although he won't admit it, but they sure do snuggle a lot.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 270 - December 28th

I found an orange and candy cane in my purse today. I flashbacked to my Girl Scount days and made a "Wishing Well". Roll and squish the orange around to break all the little orange pulps inside and stick the candy cane in the orange and suck and suck and suck... eventually the orange juice with make its way through the candy cane to form a staw. I sucked the juice for a couple of minutes and tossed it in the trash. I remember it being way more fun, a lot less sticky, and less painful on the roof of my mouth. I'm getting old.

Day 269 - December 27th

I know it seems that all I talk about is that other house! But that seems to be all we're doing lately. We've got to get that house finished! Russ is taking this week off to work on it. I admire him for all he knows how to do. He's rebuilt this house with his own two hands.

Day 268 - December 26th

Ok... Only one day at home and we already have a big case of cabin fever. It may be the size of our house though. We have a very tiny home. It's "cozy". The puppy has enjoyed us being home though and she's starting to make herself at home too. She LOVES Ginger! Russ made his trek to the other house to work on it for a bit and Ginger and I ventured to Owasso to visit Marmy & Boppy and family that were in town. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there. I was exhausted when we got there. We didn't stay long because we had to make the long voyage home. We made it just fine... slow and late, but fine. We saw countless cars on the sides of the roads, cars trying to be drug out of ditches, several cars slide off the road, and we saw a car hit an ice patch on the highway and slam into the center concrete barriers. That was a bit scary. But we're safe and warm at home again, and not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

Day 267 - December 25th


Nothing warmed my heart more than seeing my little girl jump in bed with us with a huge smile and say, "It's Jesus' birthday!" I love my family so much! And... there is so much snow outside! Tons of it! We had a great day at home. All our other Christmas plans got rescheduled and we stayed home all day! It was wonderful! We made cinnamon rolls, opened gifts, played games, watched movies, and played in the snow of course! It was the perfect day! Thank you Lord for my awesome family!

Day 266 - December 24th


It's Christmas Eve and guess what? Something is starting to fall out of the sky? What is it? It's Oklahoma Snow!! Which to the rest of the world means, Ice. Here in Oklahoma you can always expect 3-6 inches of ice before snow will ever fall. Everyone rushed home today because we are actually under a Blizzard warning for the first time in history. It's going to be a White Christmas! The first one in years and years! We were working on the other house today to try and get things ready for the contractors next week. We're mudding and sanding like there's no tomorrow. Once we all got back home and out of the storm we got to open our Family Christmas Eve gift. We always get a new family game to play together on Christmas Eve.

Day 265 - December 23rd

Well... the puppy still doesn't have a name. Although Russ has been calling her, "Peabody" but that's only because of her ability to urinate anywhere at anytime. I want to call her Oscar, but I've been shot down on that idea. I've always wanted a boy wiener dog named, Oscar. But still... we're not naming her. We've called vets, pounds, and shelters and even put her on Craig's List. We've had several calls and emails but nothing to this little puppy's description.

Russell wants to know who I paid to drop her off in front of our house. I've always wanted a dachshund and have asked for one since we've been married. We both agreed that we wouldn't have the room until we got a new house and I was at home more. I told Russ that since he wouldn't let me have a wiener dog, then God brought one to me. Because, I am God's favorite.

I also decided that if this little puppy is going to be with us through Christmas then she needed some gifts. So I got her a little bed to lay on and a warm fuzzy pink coat. She's so stinkin' cute!

Day 264 - December 21st

We still can't find this little puppy's people. She slept for two days straight but I think she's doing better now. She's eating, drinking, and pooping regularly. I decided to take her to the vet today just to make sure we're doing everything we can while we have her. When we find her people, I want her to be in the best health possible. The vet's name is Odie... I LOVE that name for a vet! It couldn't be more perfect! He has dachshunds at home too! He said she has a very unusual color and doing good. She's at 11 pounds which is good for a wiener dog. He also said she is at least 8 years old. She's also healing up from severe road rash and it almost looks like she was dropped out of a car. That broke my heart. She sure didn't like the vet or Odie, she crawled up my shoulder... literally all 4 paws were on my shoulder. He even tried to bribe her with some cheese in a can. She still didn't like him.

We haven't named her because we don't want to get too attached and broken hearted when we find her people. I just call her "Puppy". Ginger calls her "Dog". And Russ calls her, "Somebody else's dog". One thing for sure, she loved riding in the car!

Day 263 - December 20th

Another day of Christmas fun with my Daddy!! And a whole slew of family! Lots of laughs, stories, photos, gifts, and love! I love Christmas time!! This is Ginger ready to party in her Hannah Montana inspired outfit from Baga.

Day 262 - December 19th

It's Christmas time! With Mom, Joy & Tim!! We are so excited that it's time to have family fun! A few gifts, a few snacks, a movie, and some games!! That's what I love about Christmas... not the gifts but the time and fun together! The puppy stayed curled up on the couch. Still shaky and week. And for some reason, the only thing I took pictures of during the party.

Day 261 - December 18th

Last day of school! When my mom dropped Ginger off at home after school I stood outside talking and ooooohhhing and ahhhhhhing over the gifts she got from her students Ginger ran off some of the energy she had by trying to climb the tree in the front yard. While chatting we listened to the pure excitement and glee that Ginger had while running around, I loved it and then realized that Christmas Break* has begun... a FULL two weeks of no school.

While running across the front yard, Ginger yelled, "MOM! Look! A puppy! I've never seen a puppy that little walk by itself!" She was excited. I told her to stay back as I tried to get the "puppy" to come to me. It was a little dachshund. The puppy trotted on right past us and didn't even look at this. Ginger asked if she could chase her. I told her she could FOLLOW the puppy, not CHASE, but only to the end of our street... which is about 4 houses. The puppy kept going, all the way to the main road and turned around and came right back down the sidewalk in front of our house. When it passed this time I noticed it didn't have a collar and it was very skinny and frail looking. I tried again to get it to come to me. The puppy kept on walking.

Ging and I followed the puppy down the street and stopped a couple of cars when the puppy decided it wanted to cross the street. The puppy wouldn't even look at us. We kept following it and finally caught up to it under a truck drinking water from a crack in the road. The puppy was filthy and it's nose was bleeding on top. I tried to get the puppy to come to me, but it just kept drinking. I carefully picked up the little wiener doggie and she laid in my arms shaking uncontrollably.

We took the puppy home and gave her some water. It's a girl! She drank three full bowls of water. When she first started drinking she fell because she was so lethargic. She kept drinking and drinking. Ginger asked what kind of dog she was and I told her it was a Dachshund. She said, "I thought it was a wiener dog." We got her a blanket and wrapper her up and she fell right to sleep. I called Russ and told him what we found and asked what we should do about it. We let her sleep for a bit then Ginger and I gave her a bath. She was so dirty and her poor little nose was hurt. So much mud and dirt came off of her. We dried her off and she fell back to sleep in the blanket right by the heater. She was still very shaky. She's very sweet and I hope we can find her people.

Day 260 - Decmeber 17th

Almost through with school for 2009! Ginger, and I'm sure all the other kid's in her class are a little bit excited about that. A little bit meaning, bouncing off the walls and can hardly sleep. One more night of homework... and goofy faces before Christmas break! But tonight, we had dinner and homework with Baga at Charlie's Chicken! We were all laughing trying to get her homework done. It took awhile, but Ging got it finished. Finally.

Day 259 - December 16th

It's getting cold here! REALLY cold!! I love how professionally beautiful local businesses look with great landscaping. It send the message of, "we care and want to look good to you and for you". Or, "we look good on the outside". Anyway, here's a local business' waterfall that they have at the front of their property. On days like this, it just yells, "IT'S TOO COLD!!"

Day 258 - December 15th

Day 257 - December 14th

Ginger got to go on a shopping spree with her grandparents and dad tonight at the mall! She made a an adorable bear at Build-A-Bear, complete with clothes, shoes, hair accessories, and hair dryer. Ginger found it way more useful though to use it on Russell's hair.

Day 256 - December 13th

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 255 - December 12th

So I'm going through some gifts that we already received and wrapping up a few small ones that I need to give soon. And guess what I found? This is too cool! I always dreamed of this happening to me and me being interviewed on Dateline and on Larry King Live, but I'll just share it on here. (I'll save my Oprah debut for something bigger) On the back side of the little card board piece in the bottom of a little gift bag is a note and it's written in Chinese!! It's so cool! I have no idea what it says. It could be well-wishes, it could be a grocery list, it could be a joke about Americans. I wonder if it's a clue to buried treasure?

Day 254 - December 11th

You know Christmas is right around the corner when this house is dancing to music! We love this house and stop by it several times each Christmas season. It dances to music on the radio! It's so fun!! I have no idea how it works. Russ says it's an easy thing to do and tried to explain it. But I think it's magic.

Day 253 - December 10th

Christmas Jammie Bunko!! Oh what fun it is to play Bunko in our jammies. (I had a tune in my head when I wrote that and I'm sure it sounded better than when you just read it) Shelley, Laurie, Tiffany, and I all had matching jammies that we grabbed up at a Black Friday deal. We were adorable.

Day 252 - December 9th

Look at the gorgeous clouds! Just another fact that I'm God's favorite. He knows how much I love colorful skies. I thought these looked like angel wings. Thanks God for the personal art show tonight! I loved it!

Day 251 - December 8th

Here I am again. I really come here way too often. But again, it's a new ailment. Guess what this time? I got bit by a brown recluse spider!! This thing HURTS!! At first I thought it was an ingrown hair or little pimple...therefore it wasn't blog worthy. But the fact that it has grown to about the size of a 1/2 dollar and my skin is falling off makes it so. It was confirmed today. Spider bite. But not only a spider bite, a spider bite on the butt. Yep. I guess I sat on the darned thing. Or, maybe he was in a pair of pants that I put on for the first time in awhile. Don't know, but I hope right after he bit me I squashed him. I got some antibiotic pills, some staph prevention pills, and some huge bandages. Nothing like going in and having the doctors and nurses try to hide their laughter when I tell them I have a spider bite on my "lower back or upper thigh". They got a kick out of it. In fact, everyone thinks this is kinda funny. I however fail to see the humor in it yet.

Day 250 - December 7th

At the Christmas party the other night Ginger got a Rubix Cube. Remember those crazy things? I worked so hard on mine when I was young. For like 7 1/2 minutes straight! And I finally figured the stupid thing out! I finally got all the colors on the correct side of the cube. All you have to do is peel off the stickers, then throw it in the trash.

Russ and Chuck told me there was actually a pattern or an algorithm for this silly thing. They figured it out and got it all straightened out. So pretty! But I won't publish on here that they had to look it up online. There is actually a website that you can enter in where your colors are and it will tell which way to turn it to get it right. Impressive.

Day 249 - December 6th

This is such a wonderful special day!! My baby girl got baptized today! It couldn't have been more perfect! She was so excited and finally decided that she didn't need her nose plugs or goggles. It was hard for me to watch through the tears in my eyes. I'm so proud of her! And of Ms. Ginny! Ginny is Ginger's Sunday School Teacher and Ginger really just loves her so much. Ginny has helped Ginger so much and Ginny probably doesn't even realize it. If you read this Ginny, thank you. This was Ginny's first time to baptize someone and she did a fantabulous job! I put the video on here too so you can watch the miracle. After Ginger got baptized I quickly rushed her to the bathroom to dry her off and get her warmed up. She said, "Mom, I think it worked! I don't remember any of the bad things I've done." I love her little-big heart!

Day 248 - December 5th

Saturday fun day! Tonight we had a small family Christmas party (first one of the season!) and then we all went to Christmas Train! I love the Christmas Train! You should seriously go if you haven't yet!!! So fun! We got to ride a great old train that traveled through the Bible! Amazing and though provoking! Then they have a fabulous little town full of shops, diners, and games! Even Santa Claus has a house there!! We took a family trip to the bathroom and I, being the considerate one that I am, let everyone go first. I assumed that they would wait for me. But nope, all of them... all 15ish of them left me. Even my Ginger and Russ were no where to be found. I looked all over for them and couldn't find them anywhere. My phone didn't work way out wherever we were and I had Russ' phone in my purse anyway. But alas, I found them. In the sweet shop. They were all eating cinnamon rolls and drinking hot chocolate. As soon as I came in, they all said, "There you are! We were looking for you!" Yeah. It looks like they were looking for me.

Still... a great time!

Day 247 - December 4th

It's ok that once in awhile that the photo of the day isn't actually taken by me right? Well... I'm the boss of this blog and say it's ok, as long as I approve. This is one of the sweetest most adorable photos I've ever seen! Dad and Phyllis took my grandparents with them on a trip to Florida to visit some uncles. They drove!! This is a picture Phyllis took of my grandparents sleeping in the backseat! Aren't they just the cutest most wonderful people? In January, ,they will celebrate their 65th anniversary!

Day 246 - December 3rd

I seem to have a lot of these photos on my phone. The "I could do and from the adorable scrapbook she made for a Christmas gift! Yep, we artists (me) steal ideas from others (my sthat" photo file. Here are some more that I added today from Joy's magazines ister) and tweak them to make them ours (mine).

Day 245 - December 2nd

So a few friends and I were trying to sync our schedules to get together to learn how to make these really cute serving utensils. It didn't work though, we are some kind of busy women! So I went online and figured out how to make them myself. Not as fun as with my girlie-friends, but they are still fun to make, if you don't mind the blisters on your thumbs. My plan is to make lots of these as Christmas gifts. Stay tuned to see if my plan comes to pass.

Day 244 - December 1st

It's December! It's Tuesday! I'm back at work! It's an exciting day because I get to flip over the calendar again! I've gotten creative on my December calendar! Purdy huh?

Day 243 - November 30th

For some reason Ginger didn't have school today. Teacher work day I think. Don't they know they are getting 2 weeks off for Christmas in a few weeks? Give the parents a break!!

Actually Ging and I had a lovely day. We went to lunch, had fun a Purple Glaze for several hours then we went to watch Shay cut Baga's hair and try to color it. My mom has "Virgin Hair", she's never dyed it. (neither have I). Shay tried to put some red in it, but it's so dark and thick that it didn't take. We're going to bring out the big guns next time. I'll spray paint it if we have to.

These are pictures of ornaments that Ginger painted. It is the moon and stars... not like I have to tell you what it is. They are fabulous!

Day 242 - November 29th

Ok... did you know that I have one silly little girl? She's awesome and makes me laugh so many times a day. After church we headed out to lunch with the fam and she decided it was easier to grab her straw with her tongue than using her fingers to bring her straw to her mouth. It kept her entertained (me too) for quite some time.

Day 241 - November 28th

Another day of shopping with mom and Ginger! What fun! This was an accidental shopping trip. Mom won a gift card at Chick-Fil-A so Ging and I went with her to pick it up. Then it was a let's stop in here... can we go here?... Do you want to go here?... Then before I knew it, we were all day shopping again. I saw these plates in a fun store. Probably just another photo to go in my, "I could do that" file.

Day 240 - November 27th


The economy is stimulated and the recession is over... it is by the looks of the lines today! I got up a hair after 2am after 2 1/2 hours of sleep and headed to Old Navy. They opened at 3am. But there were too many people there to let everyone in at one time. We didn't make it in. So we headed to the mall! We were one of the first 200 hundred people in line and we got a goodie bag filled with coupons, samples, and a $20 mall gift card!! Chuck even met us for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A at 5am! We did some major shopping all over two cities! Got almost all of it done too!

Tonight we met some friends that we haven't seen since before they got married. It's been awhile because they got married before we did and they have a baby. We all went to Rhema to walk through the Christmas lights! Beautiful!!

Day 239 - November 26th


Ok, I love my country! I'm proud to be an American! But the actual Thanksgiving Holiday is not on the top of my list of favs. and it's all because of the turkey dinner. It's great getting together with family, playing games, watching the parade, and of course making Black Friday plans. But the huge Thanksgiving dinner is something that I could do without. I know, I'm about to be excommunicated from my family for changing the Thanksgiving traditional dinner this year. But I don't see the fun of cooking for 2 days, eating for 30 minutes and being too exhausted to clean it all up after, but you have to anyway. I hate dishes and cleaning the kitchen so much I would rather skip all that mess. So this year we had a chili Thanksgiving dinner! And you know what? It was good! Really good! And everyone survived it just fine. Mom made dear chili. Joy made her yummy beef chili. And Russell made my favorite, turkey chili. So, we did have chili. I thought it was great. But I've already been vetoed for next year. There will be a turkey. Maybe if I had a bigger kitchen? I LOVE to cook, but I don't have the space to do it in. We'll see. I hate dishes. Did I say that already?

These are photos from our map-out strategizing for Black Friday tomorrow! Oh yeah! I'm a Black Friday girl! And it looks like I'll be getting up at 2am this year.

Day 238 - November 25th

I had a little free time today and stopped in to exchange a few things that I had bought at Kohl's. Kid's grow too fast and I need a bigger size for my nephew on Christmas gifts I already bought. While there I wandered around, wondered what would make the perfect gift for those on my list. I came across these house socks, and wasn't sure if these were on anybody's list. So they stayed there. Quite literally, these are "sock monkeys" which are evil* to begin with. But these just had... well... Personality? Ummm... Special Characteristics? What do you think of these?

* Sock Monkeys are evil. As evil as gnomes are to Tiffany. They should have never been created and should not be used to stimulate the economy. I love monkeys of all styles, breeds, colors, and creations... except for the classic sock monkey. Enough said.

Day 237 - November 24th

Day 236 - November 23rd

I found myself back at... can you guess where?... That's right!! The doctor's office!! At least it was different this time. I met a skin specialist to have a discolored, oddly shaped mole looked at on my shoulder. Long story short... I'm having it removed and biopsied in January to find out if it's cancer. If it's not, then the ugly thing is off my shoulder. If it is, then the ugly thing full of cancer is off my shoulder and will be done with. But guess what else? I'm having a few other moles removed too, just for "fun". The one that everyone sees when they look at me is coming off! My parents did a great job of telling me it's a "Beauty Mark". It didn't don on me until a few years ago, that it's actually a big ugly mole. So bye bye mole! And I'm having another removed too that not everyone gets to see. It's a secret one.

Also... I'm sure my new skin doctor thinks I'm a weird one and a little too sensitive about moles. But, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He came in, sat down, started talking and I found it hard to pay attention. I wanted to hug and squeeze him and not let go for a long time. And no, not because he was going to take the "beauty mark" off my face. But because he looked just like my Uncle David that passed a month ago. His hair, his skin, his build, the way he carried himself, and the way he spoke. I wanted to just hug that man and tell him I missed him so much. But I restrained myself and I look forward to going back in January.

Day 235 - November 22nd

I had a great photo shoot at a park here in town, but look what I found in the parking lot. I just dare you to keep me away from a beauty like this... especially when I have a camera in my hand!

Day 235 - November 22nd

Day 234 - November 21st

What a great night! The three of us cuddled as tight as a bur stuck in a sock...but more comfortable, as long as Ginger's sharp little elbows stayed put. All three of us were huddled at the end of the couch using each other as pillows, props, blankets, whatever we needed to. It was so comfy while we watched Bolt. Russell took a picture of me and Ginger while we were both laying on his lap. Told we were cuddled close.

Day 233 - November 20th

Christmas is coming! It's starting to feel like it around here anyway! I love Christmas! It makes me all warm and gooshy inside. It's about this time that I lay down the law around here... The Christmas Law that is.

"No one in my family is allowed to buy themselves anything until after Christmas." That's to avoid buying something they want and stealing from others (me) a great gift possibility. My sister is famous for, "Are you going to get this for me for Christmas? If not, I'm going to buy it now." And of course, my fabo honey said, "Ok. I guess I won't buy deodorant or toothpaste." Yep, my family is full of comedics.

Here is a photo from Russ' Christmas list. This is to show the brand and colors he likes of the shirts he wants. Little does he know, I already got his gift and it's stashed at mom's house. Yeah, I'm sneaky like that, but I play along with the damsel who doesn't know what to get her night in shining armor.