Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 238 - November 25th

I had a little free time today and stopped in to exchange a few things that I had bought at Kohl's. Kid's grow too fast and I need a bigger size for my nephew on Christmas gifts I already bought. While there I wandered around, wondered what would make the perfect gift for those on my list. I came across these house socks, and wasn't sure if these were on anybody's list. So they stayed there. Quite literally, these are "sock monkeys" which are evil* to begin with. But these just had... well... Personality? Ummm... Special Characteristics? What do you think of these?

* Sock Monkeys are evil. As evil as gnomes are to Tiffany. They should have never been created and should not be used to stimulate the economy. I love monkeys of all styles, breeds, colors, and creations... except for the classic sock monkey. Enough said.

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