Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 248 - December 5th

Saturday fun day! Tonight we had a small family Christmas party (first one of the season!) and then we all went to Christmas Train! I love the Christmas Train! You should seriously go if you haven't yet!!! So fun! We got to ride a great old train that traveled through the Bible! Amazing and though provoking! Then they have a fabulous little town full of shops, diners, and games! Even Santa Claus has a house there!! We took a family trip to the bathroom and I, being the considerate one that I am, let everyone go first. I assumed that they would wait for me. But nope, all of them... all 15ish of them left me. Even my Ginger and Russ were no where to be found. I looked all over for them and couldn't find them anywhere. My phone didn't work way out wherever we were and I had Russ' phone in my purse anyway. But alas, I found them. In the sweet shop. They were all eating cinnamon rolls and drinking hot chocolate. As soon as I came in, they all said, "There you are! We were looking for you!" Yeah. It looks like they were looking for me.

Still... a great time!

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