Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 261 - December 18th

Last day of school! When my mom dropped Ginger off at home after school I stood outside talking and ooooohhhing and ahhhhhhing over the gifts she got from her students Ginger ran off some of the energy she had by trying to climb the tree in the front yard. While chatting we listened to the pure excitement and glee that Ginger had while running around, I loved it and then realized that Christmas Break* has begun... a FULL two weeks of no school.

While running across the front yard, Ginger yelled, "MOM! Look! A puppy! I've never seen a puppy that little walk by itself!" She was excited. I told her to stay back as I tried to get the "puppy" to come to me. It was a little dachshund. The puppy trotted on right past us and didn't even look at this. Ginger asked if she could chase her. I told her she could FOLLOW the puppy, not CHASE, but only to the end of our street... which is about 4 houses. The puppy kept going, all the way to the main road and turned around and came right back down the sidewalk in front of our house. When it passed this time I noticed it didn't have a collar and it was very skinny and frail looking. I tried again to get it to come to me. The puppy kept on walking.

Ging and I followed the puppy down the street and stopped a couple of cars when the puppy decided it wanted to cross the street. The puppy wouldn't even look at us. We kept following it and finally caught up to it under a truck drinking water from a crack in the road. The puppy was filthy and it's nose was bleeding on top. I tried to get the puppy to come to me, but it just kept drinking. I carefully picked up the little wiener doggie and she laid in my arms shaking uncontrollably.

We took the puppy home and gave her some water. It's a girl! She drank three full bowls of water. When she first started drinking she fell because she was so lethargic. She kept drinking and drinking. Ginger asked what kind of dog she was and I told her it was a Dachshund. She said, "I thought it was a wiener dog." We got her a blanket and wrapper her up and she fell right to sleep. I called Russ and told him what we found and asked what we should do about it. We let her sleep for a bit then Ginger and I gave her a bath. She was so dirty and her poor little nose was hurt. So much mud and dirt came off of her. We dried her off and she fell back to sleep in the blanket right by the heater. She was still very shaky. She's very sweet and I hope we can find her people.

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