Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 265 - December 23rd

Well... the puppy still doesn't have a name. Although Russ has been calling her, "Peabody" but that's only because of her ability to urinate anywhere at anytime. I want to call her Oscar, but I've been shot down on that idea. I've always wanted a boy wiener dog named, Oscar. But still... we're not naming her. We've called vets, pounds, and shelters and even put her on Craig's List. We've had several calls and emails but nothing to this little puppy's description.

Russell wants to know who I paid to drop her off in front of our house. I've always wanted a dachshund and have asked for one since we've been married. We both agreed that we wouldn't have the room until we got a new house and I was at home more. I told Russ that since he wouldn't let me have a wiener dog, then God brought one to me. Because, I am God's favorite.

I also decided that if this little puppy is going to be with us through Christmas then she needed some gifts. So I got her a little bed to lay on and a warm fuzzy pink coat. She's so stinkin' cute!

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