Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 239 - November 26th


Ok, I love my country! I'm proud to be an American! But the actual Thanksgiving Holiday is not on the top of my list of favs. and it's all because of the turkey dinner. It's great getting together with family, playing games, watching the parade, and of course making Black Friday plans. But the huge Thanksgiving dinner is something that I could do without. I know, I'm about to be excommunicated from my family for changing the Thanksgiving traditional dinner this year. But I don't see the fun of cooking for 2 days, eating for 30 minutes and being too exhausted to clean it all up after, but you have to anyway. I hate dishes and cleaning the kitchen so much I would rather skip all that mess. So this year we had a chili Thanksgiving dinner! And you know what? It was good! Really good! And everyone survived it just fine. Mom made dear chili. Joy made her yummy beef chili. And Russell made my favorite, turkey chili. So, we did have chili. I thought it was great. But I've already been vetoed for next year. There will be a turkey. Maybe if I had a bigger kitchen? I LOVE to cook, but I don't have the space to do it in. We'll see. I hate dishes. Did I say that already?

These are photos from our map-out strategizing for Black Friday tomorrow! Oh yeah! I'm a Black Friday girl! And it looks like I'll be getting up at 2am this year.

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