Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 243 - November 30th

For some reason Ginger didn't have school today. Teacher work day I think. Don't they know they are getting 2 weeks off for Christmas in a few weeks? Give the parents a break!!

Actually Ging and I had a lovely day. We went to lunch, had fun a Purple Glaze for several hours then we went to watch Shay cut Baga's hair and try to color it. My mom has "Virgin Hair", she's never dyed it. (neither have I). Shay tried to put some red in it, but it's so dark and thick that it didn't take. We're going to bring out the big guns next time. I'll spray paint it if we have to.

These are pictures of ornaments that Ginger painted. It is the moon and stars... not like I have to tell you what it is. They are fabulous!

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