Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 233 - November 20th

Christmas is coming! It's starting to feel like it around here anyway! I love Christmas! It makes me all warm and gooshy inside. It's about this time that I lay down the law around here... The Christmas Law that is.

"No one in my family is allowed to buy themselves anything until after Christmas." That's to avoid buying something they want and stealing from others (me) a great gift possibility. My sister is famous for, "Are you going to get this for me for Christmas? If not, I'm going to buy it now." And of course, my fabo honey said, "Ok. I guess I won't buy deodorant or toothpaste." Yep, my family is full of comedics.

Here is a photo from Russ' Christmas list. This is to show the brand and colors he likes of the shirts he wants. Little does he know, I already got his gift and it's stashed at mom's house. Yeah, I'm sneaky like that, but I play along with the damsel who doesn't know what to get her night in shining armor.

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