Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 122 - August 1st

August! Wow...I was thinking July was going by so slow, but then this morning, my first thought was, "I can't believe it's August!" Our last full day of our family vacation in St. Louis! And WOW, what a day!!

We started out at Union Station which was unbelievable! (I don't see the need why they would have to charge for parking, it's a mall) But it was gorgeous! Hard Rock Cafe! Paddle Boats! Ginger loved watching the guys sing and tell jokes while they made fudge too! But the best part was Ginger's jumping! I still can't believe she wanted to do it! I would have never done that when I was 8. But she couldn't wait. She did carefully think about it because she knew she had to spend her own money. And she doesn't let go of her money very easily. But she did. They tied my baby to some rubber bands and put her on a trampoline and that kid bounced higher than the 2nd floor of the mall. Her braids were even flying! Then after that, we went to the 2nd floor to get a drink and watch other jumpers. She thought a little bit more then decided to spend the rest of her shopping money to do it again! I stayed on the 2nd floor to get better pictures and she was jumping higher than me!

After Union Station we went on the hunt for a place that several told us is "Must See!" (Thanks Russ, Joy, Roxy, & Lisa) And our first thought when we saw it was, we should have started here earlier in the day. It was a 10 story building fun-house made of all recycled junk. It was amazing to see what they made out of everything. There were tons of mazes and tunnels and slides, it was never ending. Russ and Ging rode on a Ferris Wheel on the roof and we all piled into the front of a school buss that was hanging over the edge. There was just too much to do and not enough time, definitely coming back to this one some day. You'll have to see my Facebook for more pictures, or see my scrapbook for the whole stories. I need another crop weekend soon.

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