Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 143 - August 22nd

I love big mushrooms in yards. Some people find them a nuisance, but not me. I gaze at them longingly and wonder if they are as poison as my mom made them out to be. Like I'd be tempted to eat a mushroom!! HA!! But still, I'm scared to touch those silly things, a mushroom might grow under my fingernail or out my ears. I blame my huge dislike of mushrooms because of these large yard mushrooms. If these are so full of poison, then how can I trust them on my plate? Does the plate somehow cleanse the mushrooms of all poisons? Sure, I know, I know...they are a different kind of mushroom. But I'd rather not take my chances.

But now I remember that I better never say never. I remember being on a first date with this guy who LOVES mushrooms. It was disgusting. I politely refused the soft grayish matter covered in grayish-matter sauce, while sweating profusely with nerves and trying to look adorable while at the same time tyring not to gag at the fungus he offered me. But happened...I caved. I want this boy to like me. I tried a teeny tiny mushroom on huge scoop of pasta. And guess what? It didn't kill me. I didn't even throw up! I actually quite enjoyed the adultness that came with eating a vegetable in a pasta. I will still not purposely order mushrooms, but now I can proudly say that I will not purposely pull off all the mushrooms off my plate if they come with my order. And if there is one hiding in my bite I'm about to take, I won't try and pull it out with my finger (unless it's just right there on the edge of the fork and can be flicked off easily). I'm all grown up now.

Oh...and for the record, mushrooms may not kill you but I'm pretty sure that tomatoes will. And...I married that mushroom guy. He's a fungi. (Fun-Guy). There I've met your cheesy reading for the day.

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