Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 125 - August 4th

I got sleep last night and feel much better now, not as cranky. I went to Sam's a couple of times today for work. I had to go in the morning for the morning crisis of being out of coffee at the office. I went in the afternoon to cure the crisis of being out of Coke. While there I actually witnessed the crossfire between seasons. Swimsuits and winter coats on the same rack! Forget fall, it rarely happens for more than a week in Oklahoma anyway. And then what got me that neither the swimsuits or the coats were on sale.

Tonight I had the best time making and remaking and remaking and remaking one more time a baby gift basket. It was so much fun shopping for babies, but it was really hard not to buy stuff for my own little keepsake I have for future babies. Ok, I bought one little outfit that was too hard to resist at only $1. I'm going back later for more. The owner's son and his wife at Russell's work, just had twins! A baby boy and baby girl. I could have done a hundred more baskets, or at least just redo this one a hundred times because it was so much fun making it. My friend Tiffany makes the best and prettiest gift baskets ever, so this one isn't up to Tiffany's level, but with more practice I think it could be. It was packed full of goodies that I wanted to keep for myself. Some day Amber, some day.

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