Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 144 - August 23rd

What a big busy day! After church we went to Marmy & Bobby's house. It all started with Russ needing a haircut, then Boppy, then George, then Ashli, then..., then.... it's a good thing Shay's good at what she does because she did it all day long.

This first picture is of Russell getting his hair cut. happened, Shay asked if that was gray hair she was cutting, so Dad (Boppy) had to run over and take an investigative look. "Son, why do you have gray hair?" I'm pretty sure he blamed it on me.

This next picture is Shay getting elbow deep in Ashli's hair. Ashli loves pretty colors and she puts them all in her hair. Shay is amazing and makes Ashli's hair look beautiful, not like some really messed up ones I've seen out there.

Next came Aubrey. She just started the 6th grade and has finally reached the age of dying her hair with her parent's permission. A slow start off with one color, she will have to graduate to the more-than-one color of the rainbow like her Mom, Ashli. Shay turned Aubrey from a Sandy Blonde to a Chocolate Brown. I think it looks great on her.

I had a great time in the "hen-house" as Russ called it "cackling" all afternoon with the ladies and taking pictures. Ginger and Russ brought their bikes for a Sunday afternoon ride through Marymy & Boppy's neighborhood. It was a great day, lots of fun, lots of food, lots of laughs, and lots of hair on the floor.

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