Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 138 - August 17th

It's my first day at home!! I'm now officially a part-time employee!! I have gone part-time to work on ME! Ok, so to make that not so vain lemme 'splain...

I have moved to part-time employment to move further into full-time photography! I'll working on a class taught by my cousin Bruce at TCC to start businesses. I'm so excited! I'll also be working on getting in shape, getting my house in shape and in some sort of an order, and working on gettin' ready to have a baby! So many wonderful new things are happening! God still is a spoilin' me!

There is an old screen door leaning against a house in our neighborhood that I REALLY REALLY want. Russ keeps reminding me that it's wrong to steal. So today, I took a picture of it...that's as close to stealing as it'll ever get with me. I started walking today. One because I need to be in better shape to go through a pregnancy, I want to look HOT for my hubby, and for what I saw on TV this morning. A woman my age was 50 pounds heavier than me and had lost 80 pounds. When she reached the 80 pound mark (which is 30 pounds less than me for those mathematically challenged) had a heart attack. They told her if she hadn't had lost that 80 pounds, it would have killed her. I put on my walking shoes and got out the door. Lesson learned...keep walking and get better walking shoes.

When I started walking I remembered all those "heavy" people I saw walking. At first it started with, "Bless their hearts" as I drove by. Then my thoughts turned to, "Good for them". Then I started, "They are doing more than me." Now I wonder as I walk around the neighborhood I wonder what thoughts those have who pass me, "Bless her heart."

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