Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 178 - September 26th

SCRAPBOOK WEEKEND!!! Friday - Sunday at Joy's house with some great friends to scrapbook all weekend long! I love these weekends. Basically in my pajamas all weekend, chattin' and laughin' with some great friends and family. Ginger is usually running around playing, playing on the computer, or scrapbooking himself. Russ comes too and usually ends up gaming with the guys. It's such a nice weekends when we get to do this. Joy lives far enough away that we have to pack bags and stay gone all weekend. But close enough to town that if there is an embellishment emergency or adhesive shortage, we can run to town pretty quick.

This is Saturday night. Most of the girls in the scrapbook room, the boys gaming on each of their computers, and Ginger and Aubrianna playing their games on their computer. Such a peaceful night. It's kinda funny now that I see the pictures. Notice how the girls have all their tables facing each other. And the boys??? Away from each other facing the wall.

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