Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 180 - September 28th

Oh how I love my days at home in this cool weather. Yet another piece of evidence that I am God's favorite. There is nothing better than opening the windows, turning on the attic fan, crankin' up the tunes, and working hard on laundry and cleaning. And there is nothing more relaxing that opening up the windows, turning on the attic fan, curling up on the couch next to an open window, and taking a long morning nap...which is what I may or may have not done today.
Chuck came over tonight for chicken quesadillas and Big Bang night! It was a really quiet evening, probably because I was still feeling the peacefulness from the nap I may or may not have had curled up on the couch under the widow. Ging and I had a good time remodeling our restaurants on Facebook and Russ perfecting is unending project of the perfect media system. Ging went to bed and I still felt rested and relaxed so I put away more laundry during the count down of the new Big Bang episode. When the music started all three of assumed our position on the couch directly in front of the TV for optimum viewing pleasure. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with the show tonight. Meh. (I hate that new word, but there it is, it fits here) I worked on some portraits of a beautiful little model that I shot on Friday while the boys worked for about 3 hours straight trying to crack codes on a book that Chuck just read. Help me out Chuck, what was the name of the book? I can't remember it now. I need another nap like the one that I may or may not have had this morning.

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