Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 177 - September 25th

I got Ginger out of school early today for a trip to the eye doctor. If you'll remember about two months ago I took Ginger to get her eyes checked because she was squinting more and more. The doctor said she was a bit near-sighted, but it's not bad enough to do anything about yet. But now that school has started, Ginger has been complaining about not being able to see the board and she even asked to borrow my glasses to read the tags at Incredible Pizza last week. The school nurse checked Ginger out and said that I should probably take her back to the eye doctor. So here we are at the eye doctor having Ginger's eyes checked again. The doctor said that her eyes were the same as when she checked them a couple of months ago. However, she said that 3rd grade is when a lot of kids start needing glasses because of all the reading they start doing. She said Ginger would probably benefit from wearing glasses at school to read the board so her eyes don't get so tired by the end of the day.

So Ginger is getting glasses. It took a long time to pick out just the right ones. And she seemed to know exactly what her type of look is. She doesn't like the circle glasses, the rectangle glasses, or the short oval glasses. So what's left? I'm not sure, but I think she found them. She tried and compared for the longest time and finally decided on the glasses in this third picture, but in candy-apple red! She'll get them in about 2 weeks. She's excited because several of her friends have glasses and she thinks they're cute. She even said she looked like a 4th grader when she wears glasses. That's all that matters right?

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