Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 162 - September 10th

Dinner tonight was fun! Lots of chatting and giggling. But Mommy was sooooo sleepy!! I did something tonight that my mom did to me and Joy while we were growing up and I hated it!! But now as the mother, I feel I have the right to do it too. Even if Ginger hates it, she can do it to her kids when she's older. But right now, it's my turn! After dinner, I scooted my chair back from the table, stood up, and said, "I fixed dinner, now you guys get to clean up the mess." Then I walked out of the kitchen and laid on the couch. Russell is great! He hoped right up and made it fun for Ginger. In fact, it was so fun, that she continued cleaning after all the dishes were put away. She loves to clean, especially sinks. And she cleaned the kitchen so hard and got it so sparkly. It may have taken a whole bottle of soap, but it was bright shiny clean! Then the two of them decided I must have had enough time to myself and in the living room they came. And it was time to tackle Daddy with kisses! She gets "stuck" on his cheek and he can't get her off, no matter how hard he "tries" to pull her away. It's really too cute! They both love it!

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