Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 151 - August 30th

And yet...another funtabulous day!! The girls hopped up and finished their list of "to-do's" they had written out. Including, "Say good-morning". I rescued their To-Do List from the trash, it will be going in the official scrapbook. I had to make them take a shower, kids this age have an aroma all their own. And these two had WAY TOO MUCH FUN in the shower. Let me tell you now, it is going to make a really cute scrapbook page.

We met up with Ashli and Aubrey for some Sunday afternoon bowling. Every time I go bowling, I try and not gloat about how good I am and tell myself, "Don't do the best, you'll make the kids feel bad." But then...when I actually start bowling, I remember...I really stink at this bowling thing. While waiting for Ashli and Aubrey to make the trek across town, Lauryn and Ginger had a great time entertaining the bowling staff and patrons with their dance moves to Hoedown Throwdown, sung by none other than Hannah Montana. Then they impressed everyone with their cartwheels and posing abilities.

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