Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 158 - September 6th

Another sleep over for Ginger! This time it's cousin, Lexie. Lexie is a year younger than Ginger but she may be a little bit taller than Ginger. She's a sweet girl and these two get along well. and guess what we did tonight? We watched the Hannah Montana movie!! I've lost count on how many times I've seen it. It's a super cute movie, and I'm not sick of it...yet. This first picture is of the girls dancing to Hoedown Throwdown...Ginger's favorite dance song.

Ginger and Lexie stayed up LATE tonight. Every time I thought they had finally fallen asleep I would hear giggling. It reminded me so much of me and Shawna (Lexie's mom) when we were little. We used to get in so much trouble for staying up too late. I think these two finally conked out about 11pm. And somehow, I'm really not sure how it happened, they talked Russ into moving Ginger's mattress on the floor. I don't know what difference that made, but they wanted it on the floor.

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