Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 165 - September 13th

Sunday! A bad day on the RA flare up, but getting better! Ginger and I went to Burger King today to visit her dad. Russ helped my Mom fix her kitchen sink. He's a master of all trades! I love that man so much! And not just because he can fix anything from a leaky faucet to building a wall to fixing just about anything on a car! WOW!! Ok...that was a bunny trail, happens a lot when I think and talk about my man!

While at Burger King with Ginger and her dad, a huge flock of birds landed on the grass beside the building. Ginger was amazed by it and kept mentioning it to her dad. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of it so she could remember it. There were so many birds! Someone must have sprinkled french fry seeds out there, they just kept coming and coming. And then all at once, they all took off and didn't come back. Snack time was over.

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