Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 156 - September 4th

Today Tiffany and were Melinda's groupies. We followed her around today during all her important famous person stuffs. We watched her talk to the Union choir and answer all the questions they had for them. Then we went to the high school pep-rally for the game tonight.

WOW!! I'M OLD!! I admit it. There is no way I was ever this loud or even looked this young when I was a Senior. It was so weird being back at my high school, in the gym no less, at a pep-rally!! Melinda got to talk to the school and sing with the Jazz Choir. Amazing. It was so fun, but my ears rang for awhile. We used to have plastic hands that clapped together to cheer on our teams. But now they just bang pieces of 2x4's together. Yeah, that's fun.

We went to the game tonight at the Union stadium. It was between Union and Broken Arrow. Joy, Tiffany and I sat together squished between Joy's new Santa-Claus friend who loved her camera and the aisle bars next to me. Shelley and her crew were up a few rows. I hadn't been to a game in years, in fact I think this is only the 2nd football game I've been to in my life. Melinda sang the National Anthem before the game and she did a performance during half time with all the Union dancers and cheerleaders. Amazing...yeah, that's just her though. We left after that. We were too squished, too hot, and too old for this stuff.

I have a lot of pictures to put up on here for the days that Melinda was here. Deal with it or log off. It's my blog and I can. Ginger is still convinced that I can't stay within my limit of ONE. She may be right.

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