Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 173 - September 21st

Hey guess what? It rained today! It was a huge storm on top of all the regular rain we've been getting for the past 7,345 1/2 days. I love it! I watched the radar all morning in between laundry and running my Facebook restaurant.

Cliff, my father-in-law came over to borrow the truck, he traded us for their Tahoe. I told him I would protect it with my life if hail came, even if that meant throwing Russell's body on top of it. The rain came, the hail came, and I was safe and sound down the street being the wonderful daughter-in-law that I am, and protected their car from the elements.

I turned off the engine, listened to the weather on the radio, and followed the storm radar on my iPhone. I love following storms, they are fascinating! (So different from when I was completely terrified of them when I was a kid). This was a HUGE storm and kept coming and coming and pounding down rain and bits of hail. I sat and continued listening to the radio and took pictures of the storm and people looking for vacant openings in the car wash. When the storm started to lighten up, I went to turn the key. Bet you can guess by now...dead. I sat for a minute thinking this is going to give someone a laugh at Russ' work when I have to call him. Dead again. Still dead. Ain't no way, no how this is going to start. I called Russ, I have now been at the car wash for 1 1/2 hours. (SO GLAD I went to the bathroom before leaving). He said he can't leave work now, he's in a meeting and the jumper cables are at the house in Tulsa, and it's still pouring rain. I sat for 45 more minutes, playing on the dying iPhone and taking pictures of cars and firetrucks zooming by in the downpour. Then my night and shining armor showed up with borrowed jumper cables, and he jumped the car in the pouring rain. Of course the nose to nose/battery to battery position it had to be in put him in the rain. He got it started and drove it home. I hopped in my own car...Awwwwww....Steff-Awn!! Headed to Sonic for a drink. After that, a girl just needs a drink. Then headed to Walmart to get something for dinner. It wasn't long after seeing the shopping carts and corrals all over the parking lot that I decided pizza would be good for dinner. The final decision maker was that Walmart was actually closed because the power went out.

Such a different POTD then what I had imagined. Big Bang was on tonight for the Season Premier!! We've waited all summer for this! Chuck, Mom, Russ and I all huddled up and quiet not to miss a moment! It was a perfect ending to a very wet day.

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