Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 229 - November 16th

ROAD TRIP!! I love these! Even if their little trips, like today's. I went to Bartlesville to visit Nana, Russell's mom. We had such a fun girl time lunch. We sat and talked and laughed for two hours. Then it was back on the road home. Just a simple little trip but it was oh so fun. I forgot to take a picture of us for my POTD so I took one of her after passing me on the highway. That's her, the little red sports car way up there! Hi Nana!!

Tonight was the usual BIG BANG night! Love these nights! Ginger challenged Chuck to a game of chess. It was very intense. Chuck is a master player, has been playing for years!! It was heated battle for quite sometime. So much so that Ginger ate dinner while playing. But in the end, Chuck lost. See how sad and exhausted he is from the match. Ginger won!! YAY!! And she's only been playing for a week! Chuck was so exhausted after the match that he slept! And not only that, he slept through Big Bang. We made sure he was alive. He was.

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