Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 230 - November 17th

And the birthday celebration continues! Tonight Papa (my dad) and Phyllis took us out to dinner for Ginger's birthday. This girl is a steak girl and she was excited to use her new "steak teeth" (K-9s). She chose Tokyo Gardens...this is my kind of girl! She was amazed as usual with the show we got while the chef cooked our meals on our table. She ate all of her steak, plus some of Russell's! Then she loved the sherbet and she ate it with chopsticks!

Last week my dad asked Ginger what she wanted for her birthday and she immediately said, "A flying donkey". Who knows how her little mind came up with that. She told him he needed to borrow her flying pony to go to outer space and catch a flying donkey for her. So among all the gifts they gave her tonight, in the bag was a stuffed donkey. She just thought that was the best ever. Better than the ipod, movie, and money for her savings account. She loved that silly donkey!

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