Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 213 - October 31st

Happy Halloween! It was pretty much a lazy day for all of us. That was until we realized we were supposed to be somewhere in 15 minutes and we weren't even dressed yet. We quickly butterflied our girl up and Russ and I threw together a scare-crow type of outfit, but it looked more like we has just been rolling around in the hay. We went to the church carnival at my dad's church then did some trick-or-treating at neighborhood houses that we were familiar with...including Chuck's. :o) We felt it necessary to dress up Chuck in Ginger's outfit since he didn't have costume! And check out the spider on Chuck's porch light! This man has the coolest spiders show up on his porch. Better his house than mine. And here's a few pictures of me for your entertainment pleasure.

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