Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 212 - October 30th

Shhhhhh!!! Don't tell Ginger! I'm "borrowing" the antenna from her butterfly costume and wearing them to work today! I know I would get "the look" if she knew I was wearing them. But they were just sitting there all lonely when I saw them on my way out the door this morning. I'm doing them a favor. A Quality Control, if you will. I sure wouldn't want my baby wearing a defective head ornament. So far so good.

This afternoon a friend/nurse/building landlord came to the office and shot most of us with the flu vaccine. It's the Swine Flu vaccine, it's the regular plain 'ol flu vaccine. This is a picture of my Daddy getting his flu shot. He's so brave. I just basically gave her a hard time. I know, shocking right?

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