Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 210 - October 28th

Tonight was the church Fall Festival! What fun! So many kids! So much candy! And so much noise! I loved watching all the little ones in their costumes! Their alter egos came out in full force tonight! Little transformer bots running around! A plethora of princesses! And my little butterfly. Nope, not Hannah Montana, a butterfly. Her mind was changed several thousand times at the Halloween store. She thought that too many kids were going to be Hannah Montana so she wanted to be something else and be Hannah next year. I think she just liked the butterfly wings that left glitter EVERYWHERE!!! Here is another Picture of the Day turned PictureS of the Day!

Ginger fishing the Sea of Galilee with Larry, our friend since I was Ginger's age!

Ginger making some hoops in a basketball game. She made all 3 shots perfectly! Most of the games where entailed her throwing a ball in some sort of hole or pumpkin mouth, she made it! Russell is seeing a sport's star in our future.

Here's Laurie's little cutie, Ty golfing like Daddy! He was so fun to watch!

Here's little Pink Poodle Ava having the time of her life! She knew how to work the crowd! She had Trick-or-Treat down perfectly..."Treat Treat". The girl raked in the goods!

After the games and the Trunk-or-Treat, we all went on a hayride and got hay in our britches. It was a great night! YAY for sugar rushes!!

And just for fun...I'm adding this in my POTD. It's an art work by myself using Joy's collection of pooping toys. It may not be suitable for all viewers. I wonder why poop and tooting gets talked about so much in my family. I have no idea where it comes from.

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