Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 201 - October 19th

It's Monday and it's the last day of our Anniversary Staycation Weekend! What a wonderful day! This weekend went way too fast! Today we shopping at Sam's and bought more baby carrots than we'll ever eat, but we're hopeful. Russell took me to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants. Thai Siam! He loves Thai food and I've never had it before. I put aside the fact that I had never tried Thai food the whole time we were dating or our first year of marriage. I'm not a big fan of trying new things, but this guy has a way of getting me to do it. Remember the mushrooms?!?!? But guess what? I LOVED it!! Sooooo Yummy!!! Mommy would be so proud of me. I tried Spring Rolls without making a face, and guess what? I liked them! A lot!!

After school Ginger, Mom, and Chuck came home for Monday Night Big Bang night! As soon as Ginger ran in the door, Russ hopped up off the couch I was on and grabbed that little girl and they snuggled all night... on the other couch! Ginger tackled Russ and they were inseparable until bedtime. She just couldn't let go of him and he didn't mind at all. They really missed each other.

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