Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 192 - October 10th

Today is Saturday and Uncle David's funeral. Oh my, what a difficult day. Our family got together again to celebrate David's life, we were together not long enough ago for my Uncle Mike's funeral. Our family really could use your prayers. We shared story after story and I enjoyed so many hugs from Aunts and Uncles that I don't hug near enough.

For some reason this week, pictures have become more important to me than ever. I've watched 7 video montages in the past 6 months at funerals. Attention people, take pictures of your loved ones and cherish them. Make sure you are in those pictures too. Document everything. Make it so there are too many great pictures to choose from, not the heartache of not finding enough pictures, or any at all.

This picture is of Ginger and Papa, my handsome Daddy. He can still make him smile. I think that little girl will always be able to bring a smile to his face.

Ginger had the best time playing hide and seek and chasing her cousins all around the church. It reminded me so much of me and my cousins running around everywhere. It wasn't that long ago that we were the little whipper-snappers running around. The girls found an interesting caterpillar outside on our way out. It was so cute. But it seemed as interested in those silly girls as they were of him. Look how he stood up to look at them.

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