Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 206 - October 24th

WOOOO WEEEEE!!! I feel better! Amazing what 2 1/2 days of sleep will do for you! I popped up this morning and had a fabulous photo shoot with an adorable family, then went to Purple Glaze for my baby sister's birthday festivities! We giggled and painted and laughed some more. It was nice to be among the land of living again. After that, I did go home to rest a bit and then we headed to her 30th birthday blow-out! Adults only! That was fun! It was Joy's 30th birthday princess party! And we had to wear pink or black. So many people and so much pink and black!!

Joy made her own cake! Isn't it beeee-uuuutifullll? Totally impressed.

These are three of the men that were there. My awesomely handsome hubby, Russell.

Our Big Bang friend and just plain 'ol Best Friend, Chuck!!

And Tim, Joy's hubby who made this whole shin-dig happen!

Happy 30th Birthday to my baby sister!!

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  1. Are you kidding me?! Did she really make that cake herself? She needs to quit her day job and put those other cake people outta business! Serves me right for having to miss her party -- no cake!