Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 227 - November 14th


My baby girl is NINE years old today! In honor of Ginger's birthday, today will be in purple! What happened to the past 9 years? It seems like only a few years ago I was holding her for the first time...right after punching a nurse. I'm so reminescent on her birthday, admiring her and how far she has come. She's such a blessing and the greatest gift God has ever given me. I'm truly blessed and honored to be her mommy. Even though she won't understand this until she's a mommy, but she will always be my baby. And she'll hate to hear, as I did, until she's a mommy too.

This is what I woke up to this morning. A house full of girls at 7:15am hopped up on sugar! I made them get dressed and get their shoes on...we walked to the neighborhood park. I made them walk fast there and back. I wore them out! HA! And they thought it was just another fun activity for the party! We had a great day celebrating Ginger!

I love you so much Ginger! And you will always be my baby girl!

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