Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 11 - April 11th

We made it to Graceland! After tire trouble and spending all morning to get the air valve fixed in Jackson, MS, we made it to Memphis just minutes before it closed! There is a huge wall in front of Elivs' huge house that people have signed for years and years. I signed it too! I signed lots and lots. I put Joy's name and some lips because the last time she was there the only thing she had to write with was lipstick. So I permenantly put her lips on there with a Sharpie. I put lots of my friend's names on there too. I noticed that most people put, "I love Elivs". I decided to put "I love Russ". This is the Sharpie used down to the nub after all I grafitied on that wall.

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