Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 28 - April 28th Russell's Birthday!

Today is Russell's 32nd birthday! Happy birthday my wonderful Handsome Prince! You would think I would have a picture today pertaining to Russ' birthday. Nope. Maybe next year. Russ wasn't feeling too well so Ging and I let him take a nap while we mowed the lawn. She helped push the mower for the first time and loved it. That's a good thing, because mowing is in her future! While mowing we found a little Garden Snake. I thought at first I knicked it with the mower, but I think it's probably starting to shed it's skin. Ginger was fascinated with the snake and had lots of questions. She finally touched it, then put her hand around it and felt all the muscles move when it tried to get out of her hand, but she wouldn't hold it. She's fascinated with critters, when she was little she used to bring me spiders that she found. That freaked Mommy out a little. She loves, spiders, bugs, snakes, frogs, all sorts of fun stuff...but that doesn't mean she has to touch them, or so she says.

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