Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 25 - April 25th

We spent the day at Silver Dollar City! We LOVE rollar coasters!! We waited a long time to ride the Powder Keg and LOVED it!! It was so fast! Russ' hair stuck straight back when we were finished. We had so much fun! We walked all over trying to find Ginger the perfect gift. Russ found it! It's this umbrella! He had a woman hand decorate it and write Love Daddy on it. She also wrote, Ginger, Princess, and Silly Putty on it. It's beautiful. The only catch was it had to stay open to make sure it dried. That was fun! I would have carried it, but the pictures of him carrying it were way more fun.

We also went to the Showboat Branson Belle that night. Great food! And a great show with dancing, singing, comedy, and a talking dog! So fun! When we finally got back to the hotel, our feet were so sore and we crashed hard. If it weren't for the ice machine outside our room, we would have slept all through the next day.

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