Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 19 - April 19th

A quiet Sunday without photoshoots! I love photography!! It's my passion! But my shoulder HURTS!!! It's time to rest...complete with a Sunday afternoon nap. When I woke, Russ and Ginger had cleaned the living room, Chuck was over for a visit, and Ginger was in the shower with her swimsuit on! What a surprise! After a quick Steak N Shake dinner, Ginger went to bed and we started planning our 2nd annual trip. The three of us went to Eureka Springs last year. After we grew tired of and we watched The Three Amigos (another first for Chuck) and made this poster. Chuck had some friends flying home that were getting in late tonight. We decided they needed a sign so it would be easy for them to find Chuck at the airport. I'm sure it's very busy at 11:47pm at the Tulsa airport. Their last name is "Peck".

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